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What if I told you that I had 3 CPA marketing tricks that will practically put $250 dollars into your CPA account immediately?

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Don’t believe me? Alright, I’ll tell you one of them right now.

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But if you want the other two, you have to enter your email address in the box to the right. Anyhow, Let’s get to it…

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I’m sure you are familiar with Yahoo Answers. You may have even used it before to try to advertise your website or affiliate link. Until recently, marketers were submitting useless answers that were blatant attempts to show their affiliate link.

Slide 5: 

And as expected, they were never chosen as best answers. And some people even got banned. For a time there, it looked like Yahoo Answers was becoming a spam magnet…

Slide 6: 

But Yahoo Answers is alive and thriving again. There are still spammers, but much fewer. The new format of Yahoo Answers allows the asker to choose a best answer and then remove all other answers from few.

Slide 7: 

This makes it so that the best answer is the only visible answer on the page. (Until you click the teeny button that says show other answers.)

Slide 8: 

This makes getting chosen as the best answer even more valuable and it gets rid of all those spammy answers from showing up on the page.

Slide 9: 

So what you are going to do in order to get that best answer spot is very simple, yet extremely powerful.

Slide 10: 

1. Create two accounts at Yahoo Answers. If you already have one that has some points and credibility behind it, that’s even better.

Slide 11: 

2. Do some keyword research and find a long-tail keyword with a lot of searches. Let’s go for at least 4 words, at least 100 searches daily, and less than 1,000,000 competing pages in Google.

Slide 12: 

(I’ve been assuming that you already have your niche and CPA offer in mind. If not, just go over to your CPA network and find a free trial diet offer. Acai berry offers are a good place to start if you can’t choose.)

Slide 13: 

3. With one of your accounts (if you have two, choose the one with less credibility), ask a question with your keyword in it. Example keyword: “lose abdominal fat fast” Example question: How can I lose abdominal fat fast without starving myself?

Slide 14: 

You can add a little story about why you want to lose abdominal fat in the description box to jazz it up a bit.

Slide 15: 

4. Now do some research about how acai berry combined with running daily has proven to reduce abdominal fat really quickly. Then, start writing a very complete, informational answer.

Slide 16: 

You can expect to spend about ten minutes researching and composing this. Write the answer in a conversational tone, but use proper grammar. That will also provide enough time for other people to answer the question.

Slide 17: 

5. Now, login to your other account and answer the question. Don’t forget to add your masked affiliate link to the resource box. Say something like “you’ll need to use a supplement like this” Then, submit it.

Slide 18: 

6. Log back into your other account. If there are other answers that have been submitted, go ahead and choose your answer as the best answer. Wait a while if no one else has answered.

Slide 19: 

Voila! In about an hour, Google will find this and see it as an authority site. In most cases, you’ll be on the first page of Google!

Slide 20: 

And since you wrote a quality answer, people will trust you and visit the link you provided.

Slide 21: 

If you use a keyword that gets 150 searches daily and you land on page 1 of Google, then you’ll probably get about 40 hits per day to that answer. Then, if 50% click the link and 10% get the free trial that pays out $10… let’s see that’s… 40 x .5 x .1 x 10 = $20 per day …just from one question answered.

Slide 22: 

That’s not even the best tip I have… Just enter your email address for the other two.

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