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Geometry in Daily Life : 

Geometry in Daily Life Renuga Sathadaven Thulase Selvaraju 90o

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Geometry is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences.

Lets look at some examples of Basic geometry in daily life. : 

Lets look at some examples of Basic geometry in daily life.

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Geometry being used in : (a) Bicycle - Racing bikes are made using best geometry to give maximum efficiency.

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(b) Computer-aided design Representing shapes in computers. Geometry being used in : Graphics used for industrial purposes.

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(c) Robotics Planning how to grasp a shape with a robot arm, or how to move a large shape without collision. Geometry being used in : A Korean Robot, D2E.

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(d) Medical imaging - reconstruct the shape of a tumor from CAT scans Physical therapy - arthritis, strokes, heart disease, and for athletes Geometry being used in : CAT Scan Chamber.

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(e) Structural engineering. Shapes that are rigid or flexible and respond to forces and stresses. Geometry being used in : Sydney Opera House Millennium Dome in London

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(f) Architecture Geometry being used in :

(g) Nature : 

Symmetry of a Leaf Bilateral symmetry In butterfly (g) Nature Geometry being used in :

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Pictures of Geometry used in Real Life

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1. This a pictures with some basic geometric structures. This is a modern reconstruction of the English Wigwam.

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3. This is a modern day skyscraper at MIT.

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4. This is the Hancock Tower, in Chicago. With this image, we can show you more 3D shapes.

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5. This is another building at MIT.

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6.  This is the Pyramids, in Indianapolis. The pyramids are made up of pyramids, of course, and squares.

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7.  This is a Chevrolet SSR Roadster Pickup.


IMPLICATION The location concept is a geometrical concept. Even a sailor   amid sea  and a pilot in the air  uses geometrical ideas to locate himself and where he is heading. Designing our house, school, town planning,roads, bridges, surveying are the products of geometry. Astronomy,Dynamics,Statics,Spacial movemnts  of Satellites and plannets ,  knwoledge of the sun ,stars,milky way and universe are the extended thought of the geometry.


CONCLUSION Geometry is an interesting area of Math that requires a proper understanding of the basics. Geometry is the study of the size, shape, and position of 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional figures. In geometry, one explores spatial sense and geometric reasoning.

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