Amsterdam by Sonia Medeiros


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The tour is done in these boats, with capacity for 200 people, very safe, comfortable and bar service on board ...

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Amsterdam is a city for walking, bike or boat. Just take a look at this bicycle parking on the left, opposite the Central Station ...

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Across Europe, are much more common brands and models of electric cars. They cost, on average, and $ 9,000 ...

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The fun ride the trolley for its avenues, with intense trade, bars, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs ...

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A visit to a typical Dutch Cheese Farm, is a must. From the Dutch milk, different, delicious cheeses are prepared, equally delicious ...

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fantastic ICE bullet train, which seems more like a jet airplane, inside and out ...

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The interior of the bullet train

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For our friends in Holland, a bit of Amsterdam Sonia Medeiros

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