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The Children of Northern India

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Full of life

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20 million children in India live on the streets. 85% of children in India live in village areas. Average village family income is $8 - $15 per month Many villages don’t have even one school. (the closest school may be 10 to 15 miles away)

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Many of these children are from difficult home situation NMM provides shelter, food, schooling and spiritual care

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Children’s Home

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In need of homes

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Currently N.M.M. has 7 homes with 400 hundred children

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Children’s Home vs. Orphanage? Parents are often not able to provide for their children Parents sign guardianship over to Native Missionary Movement when the children live in Children's Homes. Parents retain the opportunity to continue the relationship with their children. Age range (3 years – 18 )

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Boys and Girls Home in Orissa

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Boys and Girls Home in Navapor

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Daily routine 7 a.m. Prayer/ breakfast 9 a.m. School starts Lunch 3 p.m. chores/ homework/playtime 7 p.m. dinner/ prayer 8 p.m. bedtime

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$25 Food Accommodation Clothing Health care Education (Hindi/English medium)

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Method of payment 12 Postdated Cheques $25. (payable to Native Missionary Movement) Automatic withdrawal One annual cheque $300 100% charitable donation

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Next step… Complete the registration form and the method of payment form. Visit the information table to peruse the available child profiles. Select the child you are willing to begin a relationship with and to sponsor.

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In the future… You can write to your sponsored child: (name of child C/O NMM office Your letter will then be translated and given to your child in India. Your name will be included as part of a group list of people who sponsor a child in India.

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Make a world of difference

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Dr. Joy Punnoose NMM USA P.O. Box 830907 Richardson, TX 75083 Phone: 972-470-9707   NMM CANADA Box # 32044 London, On N5V5K4 Phone: 519-266-4671   Email We are on the web! www.

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