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India Digital Heritage Projecta joint effort between MSR, DST, and Indian Academia : 

Vidya Natampally Director - Strategy Microsoft Research India India Digital Heritage Projecta joint effort between MSR, DST, and Indian Academia

Hon. Min. Kapil Sibal in TechVista 2007 : 

Hon. Min. Kapil Sibal in TechVista 2007 Announced that MSR India will collaborate with DST in the area of Digital Heritage…

Motivation : 

Motivation India has some of the greatest archaeological monuments in the world Incredible amount of other Intangible and Cultural Heritage, often closely associated with the monuments Great scope for using technology for capturing, archiving, and presenting user experiences related to India’s heritage Opportunity for the scientific community to work on an exciting problem of national (and world) interest

Digital Heritage Workshop – April 2008 : 

Digital Heritage Workshop – April 2008 Workshop to discuss possible interest in the project Participants Many of the IITs, IIIT Hyd., ISI DST, ASI, UNESCO, others MSR India Keynotes by Prof. Raj Reddy, Dr. Ramasami (DST), Prof. Kastushi Ikeuchi (Tokyo) Broad expression of interest in project, possible funding by DST Dr. Ramasami advises that we focus not only on architectural monuments, but take a “holistic approach”

Project Goals : 

Project Goals Digital archiving of data on Indian national heritage of all kinds Imagery of heritage sites and monuments, archaeological data, imagery and video of fine arts and crafts , audio of music, chants, oral histories, etc. Creation of tools and technologies to analyze, create user experiences and rich multimedia presentations Technologies to help planning for protection, preservation, restoration, and virtual re-creation

Progress since April : 

Progress since April Various groups continue to work on individual efforts – e.g., IIT Delhi on Humayun’s Tomb MSR India on Sri Andal Temple, Srivilliputhur (demo coming up!) National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) team interested in driving the effort for DST Program Advisory and Monitoring Committee convened by DST and NSDI

The Srivilliputhur Pilot Demo : 

The Srivilliputhur Pilot Demo Main goal to test out use of a few existing technologies 3D modeling via “Photosynth” High resolution imagery via “HDview” Integration of video/audio elements Interactive 3D/2d/video/audio user experience A pilot to explore creation of “holistic user experience” Goal to explore a fraction of what is possible, stimulate the community

Sri Andal Temple Pilot Project : 

Sri Andal Temple Pilot Project Data Collection: A team of 8, made 3 trips over 7 days and collected over 6000 images and 20 hours video & audio

Slide 9: 

Storyboarding: Based on the story of Sri Andal we built a narrative of 9 scenes spanning all areas of the Sri Andal temple and its surroundings The script, voice-over, videos and audio were recorded over 2 weeks and with 5 people

Slide 10: 

Data Processing: A 3 member team, over 2 weeks created more than 15 synths (some of which used more than 1000 images), 2 HD Views and over 15 video annotations and audio narratives

Slide 11: 

Technology: This project uses a combination of Photosynth, HD View, ICE, Movie Maker, Blend, 2-D overlay graphics, video and audio. We have built a pilot narrative software platform to enable the content creator in generating compelling multi-media narratives which merge these multiple visualization technologies into a single, coherent user experience. Photosynth creates 3D worlds from 1000s of photos WPF Multimedia overlays add rich content Interactive Narratives let you pause, explore and resume at any point

Thank you. : 

Thank you. Core Team Aditya Sankar – Developer Naren Datha – Developer Joseph Joy – Architect Ajay Manchepalli – Program Manager Archana Prasad – UX Designer Vidya Natampally – External Relations A. Kumaran – Cultural and Language Expert K. Saravanan – Cultural and Language Expert Advised by: P. Anandan, MSR India Rick Szeliski, MSR Redmond Curtis Wong, MSR Redmond T. Ramasami, Govt. of India

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