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Module 10:Pharmacy : 

Module 10:Pharmacy

Module Objectives : 

2 Module Objectives After this module, you should be able to: Describe the TRICARE pharmacy benefit List who is eligible for TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits Compare the TRICARE Pharmacy options List TRICARE pharmacy costs

TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit Overview : 

3 TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit Overview The TRICARE pharmacy benefit provides cost sharing for drugs and medicines that: Are approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration By U.S. law require a physician’s or other authorized professional provider prescription (acting within the scope of their license) Are actually ordered and prescribed by an authorized provider in accordance with state and federal law It includes retail and mail order prescription services and medications provided in support of home health care

TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits : 

4 TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits TRICARE offers several convenient ways for beneficiaries to have prescriptions filled Prescriptions can be filled at any of the pharmacies listed below Beneficiaries can use more than one option at a time

Military Treatment Facility Pharmacy : 

5 Military Treatment Facility Pharmacy The Military Treatment Facility (MTF) pharmacy option is the most convenient to those who live close to a military medical facility with a pharmacy All TRICARE-eligible beneficiary may use the pharmacy at an MTF Beneficiaries must show a valid uniformed services ID card Beneficiaries may have prescriptions filled (up to a 90-day supply for most medications) at an MTF pharmacy free of charge Includes prescriptions written by licensed civilian providers if the MTF carries the medication

Mail Order Pharmacy Option (Home Delivery) : 

6 Mail Order Pharmacy Option (Home Delivery) The Mail Order Pharmacy option is a cost-effective and convenient way for beneficiaries to get prescription medications, while also helping the DoD contain health care costs and sustain first class health care benefits To use the mail order, beneficiaries must establish and activate their account via mail, phone, or online; accounts must be established for each family member desiring to use this service There are two ways to activate an account: Online: www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE/pharmacy Phone: Toll free inside the U.S. 1-877-363-1303 Outside of the U.S. (see Appendix) Beneficiaries can request prescriptions or refills by mail, phone, or online (up to a 90-day supply for most medications) Prescribers must have a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency number

Network Retail Pharmacy Option : 

7 Network Retail Pharmacy Option The Network Retail Pharmacy option is best for people who desire not to use the mail order option or do not live near an MTF The network retail pharmacy option allows beneficiaries to fill prescriptions at civilian pharmacies throughout the United States, including U.S. territories To get prescriptions filled, beneficiaries simply present their written prescriptions along with their uniformed services ID card TRICARE for Life beneficiaries who have Medicare Part D must show their Medicare card Prescriptions from a licensed provider may be submitted electronically, faxed, or phoned in to the network retail pharmacy of choice, depending on pharmacy laws for that state Beneficiaries can find network retail pharmacies near their home or while traveling by accessing the Pharmacy Locator at: http://member.express-scripts.com/TRICARE/pharmacy Phone: 1-866-363-1303

Non-Network Retail Pharmacy Option : 

8 Non-Network Retail Pharmacy Option A non-network retail pharmacy is a pharmacy that is not in the TRICARE pharmacy network Beneficiaries may get prescriptions filled at a non-network pharmacy; however, it is the most expensive of the four available TRICARE pharmacy options When using a non-network pharmacy, beneficiaries may have to pay the total amount up front Beneficiaries then file a claim with ESI to receive partial reimbursement after the appropriate deductible is met TRICARE Prime enrollees who get prescriptions filled at non-network pharmacies incur point of service charges

Overseas : 

9 Overseas When traveling overseas, beneficiaries should be aware that TRICARE retail pharmacies are only available outside the United States in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands Beneficiaries can have prescriptions filled at host nation pharmacies (Non-U.S. territory), if necessary   When beneficiaries have prescriptions filled at a host nation pharmacy, they should expect to pay the total amount up front and file a claim Host nation pharmacies are regarded as non-network pharmacies, therefore beneficiaries should be prepared to pay the total amount up front Beneficiaries will file a claim with the overseas claims processor to receive partial reimbursement after the deductible is met

TRICARE Pharmacy Option Costs : 

10 TRICARE Pharmacy Option Costs

TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit : 

11 TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit Additional information can be obtained from the following sources: TRICARE Web site: www.tricare.mil/pharmacy Express Scripts, Inc.: http://member.express-scripts.com/TRICARE/pharmacy

Slide 12: 

12 Congratulations! You’ve CompletedModule 10: Pharmacy You should now be able to: Describe the TRICARE pharmacy benefit List who is eligible for TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits Compare the TRICARE pharmacy options List TRICARE pharmacy costs

Slide 13: 

13 Appendix Outside of the United States: for international toll-free access, dial the in-country access code listed below: Germany: 00+800-3631-3030 Italy: 00+800-3631-3030 Japan–IDC: 0061+800-3631-3030 Japan–Japan Telecom: 0041+800-3631-3030 Japan–KDD: 010+800-3631-3030 Japan–Other: 0033+800-3631-3030 South Korea: 002+800-3631-3030 Turkey: 0811-288-0001 (When prompted, dial 1-877-363-1303) United Kingdom: 00+800-3631-3030

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