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The Grizzly : 

The Grizzly Get it right or GET EATEN!!!!! Book written by: Annabel and Edgar Johnson Project By: Rocky Vandevelde

Question 1 : 

Question 1 What was the main character’s name? Davey Carlos Pedro David Dave

Question 2 : 

Question 2 What was David’s father named? Mack Mark Mike Mickey Milan

Question 3 : 

Question 3 What was David’s mother’s name? Joanne Jeanne Jane Emily Helga

Question 4 : 

Question 4 What was wrong with the truck? The fuse box was ruined. It was ugly. The wires were mangled. It was out of gas. A grizzly locked itself in the truck.

Question 5 : 

Question 5 How many fish did David catch? 4 1 0 10 All the fish in the river.

Question 6 : 

Question 6 Where did David hide from the grizzly? In the mail box. In the garbage can. In a tree. Under the truck. Behind the grizzly’s cubs.

Question 7 : 

Question 7 Where did David and Mark camp? Under a tree. With the grizzlies. In the back of the truck. In a tent. In a small broken down shack.

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Credits Grizzly Picture - Tamara’s Ideas

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You’ve Been EATEN!!!

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