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The Present & Future of Digital Marketing : 

The Present & Future of Digital Marketing John Lambie Regional Digital Creative Director Bates141

Agenda : 

Agenda The Past Where have we been? The survivors The Present Where are we now? The thrivers The Future Where are we going? The drivers Thru the lens of: The Marketing Tools The Web The Mobile Space The Social Grid Advertising Shopping

The Past: DotCom Madness : 

The Past: DotCom Madness What happened? Who survived?

So, What Was Marketing 1.0? : 

Brochureware About Us TV SPAM Directories Radio Pop-ups Contact Us Flash Animations Press SPAM What’s New! eMail Blinking Banners PORN Dial-up Telemarketing So, What Was Marketing 1.0? dot.gone What’sHot SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM links e-this i-that SPAM SPAM portals vortals hortals spyware adware DM SPAM SPAM WEB

Web 1.0: The Highs & Lows : 

Web 1.0: The Highs & Lows 1986: Internet formed 1990: iMdb launches in Usenet 1992: WWW launched 1995: Netscape IPO, craigslist founded 1996: Flash 1.0 1997: Steve Jobs rejoins Apple, first ‘weblog’ 1998: Microsoft Anti Trust 1999: Y2K panic, Blogger launched 2000: The Crash, Napster sued 2001: The Meltdown

What was Web 1.0? : 

What was Web 1.0? “Read Only” = Brochure-ware

What was Mobile 1.0? : 

What was Mobile 1.0? Talk + Text = Mobile Phones

What was the Social Grid 1.0? : 

What was the Social Grid 1.0? 6 degrees of separation = You’re in my contact list

What was Advertising 1.0? : 

What was Advertising 1.0? Links + Listings + Banners + Pop-ups + Buttons + Spam = Ad Nauseum + Inbox Invasion

What was Shopping 1.0? : 

What was Shopping 1.0? Limited Interactivity = eCatalog eCommerce reality perception

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway : 

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

Info Superhighway Roadkill : 

Info Superhighway Roadkill

The Survivors : 

The Survivors

Lessons Learned : 

Lessons Learned Start with a Business Model And then a A Business Plan Order & Process beats Fast & Loose Substance beats Style

The Present: Digital Marketing2.0 : 

The Present: Digital Marketing2.0 What’s Happening? Who’s Thriving?

So, What’s Marketing 2.0? : 

user-generated wireless Social networks iPTV WIKI blogs playlists mash-ups AI integration POS AJAX AdWords GPS targeted banners VOiP Broadband call centres So, What’s Marketing 2.0? file-sharing RSS WiFi 3G search m-this iP-that API rich media mobile web services video virtual worlds eCRM widgets VoIP tags POD

What’s Web 2.0? : 

What’s Web 2.0? “Read/Write” = The Customer Strikes Back

What’s Mobile 2.0? : 

What’s Mobile 2.0? Talk + Text + Web + Media + Apps = Mobile Devices

What’s the Social Grid 2.0? : 

What’s the Social Grid 2.0? one degree of separation = We’re all just a click away

What’s Advertising 2.0? : 

What’s Advertising 2.0? Contextual & Behavioural Targeting = Ad Relevance

What’s Shopping 2.0? : 

What’s Shopping 2.0? Customer Ratings, Reviews &Recommendations = weCommerce

The Code of the Road : 

The Code of the Road QUALITY People want cool stuff ACCESS Make it easy to findOPENNESSDon’t bullsh*t CONTROL Let them play with it

The Thrivers: bits : 

The Thrivers: bits

The thrivers: atoms : 

The thrivers: atoms

Enough Already : 

Enough Already The 2.0 World is changing the way we do everything! Interact Bank Learn Travel Shop Evaluate Find Search Listen Watch Play Find info Stay up to date Meet Communicate entertain Date Work

Lessons Learned : 

Lessons Learned The customer is always right Your customers are your brand Customers expect choice and control WOM is the best form of advertising

The Future:Marketing 3.0 : 

The Future:Marketing 3.0 Where’s it going? Who’s driving?

Marketing 3.0? : 

? Marketing 3.0?

Web 3.0? : 

Web 3.0? “Read/Write/Execute” = The Customer Customizes

Mobile 3.0? : 

Mobile 3.0? The whole world in my hands = My Device is Me

the Social Grid 3.0? : 

the Social Grid 3.0? zero degrees of separation = I’m the centre of my universe

Advertising 3.0? : 

Advertising 3.0? Personal Targeting = I am my media

Shopping 3.0? : 

Shopping 3.0? Preferential Personal Purchasing Power = meCommerce

The Drivers: Leading the Pack : 

The Drivers: Leading the Pack

How to Get Ahead : 

How to Get Ahead Open Invite Listen Ask Respond Share Question the Macro Observe the Micro

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