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The COACH as an ADMINISTRATOR Make a list of all the administrative duties that a coach must address in order to have a successful program. Start with categories. Once you have categories, fill in the specific tasks. e.g. Facilities: training, competitions Personnel: Finances:

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The COACH as an ADMINISTRATOR Facility Scheduling & Booking Recruiting Athletes/Coaches Budgeting & Bookkeeping Equipment Purchase & Maintenance Registering Athletes/Competitions Training & Competition Design/Management Nutrition Sport Psychology & Team-Building Videotaping, Statistics & Records Communicating Off-Season Administration

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Schedule & Book Facilities League Competition Training Exhibition Competition Budgeting & Bookkeeping Finance Personnel: accounting, banking Budget: master: Gaming, ‘slush’, petty cash Fees: amount, work off, due dates Fundraising (ongoing/1event), benefits athlete/program Equipment Purchase & Maintenance Technical Support (video, training) Safety/first aid Recruiting/Tryouts (open/invitation only) Visitations & scouting, scouting personnel (grads) Hosting Events Incentives (teammates/coaching/program), rewards

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Registering Athletes/Competitions Deadlines! Training & Competition Design/Management YTP & DPP, multi-seasonal Nutrition Education program (include parents) Sport Psychology & Team-Building Age appropriate, timing, cross-training Videotaping, Statistics & Records Training & comp. recording with specific objectives Distribution?

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Communicating Electronic, newsletters, yearbook, video/photos Team book Public Relations, media, marketing Pre/Post-Season Meetings Coaching Staff , Admin, Parents, Athletes Awards Motivational Celebrate Accomplishments, Awards Banquet Off-Season Administration Athlete/coach development opportunities e.g. Provincial All-Star Selection Comp. opportunities: National, International

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Competition Administrative Tasks As a head coach, the responsibility of preparing for competition lands on you! Outline the administrative tasks that must be assigned for: An ‘away’ competition e.g. Travel A ‘home’ competition e.g. Officials Pre-competition e.g. Roster Post-competition e.g. Announcements

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Road Trips: Entry, schedule (t/c), transportation, accommodation, venue, comp. regulations, time zone, documents, health (insurance/meds/water), gifts, equipment (voltage/uniform), officials, budget Home Comp: Facilities (t/c), schedule, officials, front of house, scoresheets/result board, medical, protocol, sponsorship/signage, music, announcer Pre-Comp: Lineups, day schedule, equipment checklist, stats sheets, video equip, coach meeting (assign: scouting, game plans, stats, video) Post-Comp: Athlete/coach meeting (analysis of comp: stats, scouting, video), info on next event

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Technical Competition Management As the head coach, you are responsible for ensuring that everything within your power is in place for your athletes to perform at their Ideal Performance State. Outline what you would do to ensure success in competition: Lead-up to Competition: eg. Scout Pre-Comp: eg. Warm-up During Competition: eg. Starters/subs Post-Competition: eg. Evaluation

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Lead-up to Comp: Scout opponent, design game plan, establish match-ups, train for game plan execution Pre-Comp: Athlete/coach meeting to review game plan, psych prep athletes, warm-up During Competition: Starters, subs, time outs, video, stats, asst’s feedback, officials Post-Competition: Evaluate (coaches &/or athletes), prep for next event, nutrition

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The Development of you, the CoachList what athletes look for in a coach.‘Respect must be earned, not demanded’ BEGINNER COACH ‘Cheerleader’, with no experience Willingness to work with athletes/team (often a parent) Supportive of coaching staff philosophy Assist coach with practice & competition duties

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SEASONED COACH Minimally certified & trained, with little experience Committed for the season Organized & prepared: season/practice/ competition Understands & current on basic technical skills Practice management skills: operate drills Possess physical coaching skills: e.g. serving/passing/throwing/batting

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ELITE COACH Select athletes & coaches Motivate athletes/coaches/team Fully certified, trained & experienced Fully committed to the growth of athletes/team Practice management: design & operate drills, error detection/ correction Competition management: scouting, devising competition plan, stats, video analysis, game subs & interruptions

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OUTSTANDING COACH ‘Inspire’ athletes & coaches to move beyond imagined levels Identify individual athlete gifts, & devise a system whereby those gifts are fully used Mould a ‘team’. Identify a role for every player, as they feel a part of the team success. Practice management: design challenging & competitive sessions which push athletes to new levels in all areas Competition management: master competition plans, adjustments, & personnel management

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Where do you fit into the coaching ladder? What are your greatest strengths What do you feel you must work on Your coaching legacy (you hope to leave): What your athletes will say about you What your athletes’ parents will say about you What your colleagues will say about you What you want to be known for

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