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Protecting your greatest AssetsMarne Reed – VP Human Resources

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1999 .COM

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Big Sucky Company

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2X Productivity 1.5X Pay A Players More Profitable & Easier to Manage

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If a human touch doesn’t add value…

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Let a machine do it.

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“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” -- ???

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“This looks great. Every last one of you is a rock star, and there are no words on heaven or earth that can describe how much I love each and every one of you. If you guys can get this done and shipped out via next day air by 8/2, I'll tattoo every one of your names on my body. Thanks again.” -Joe Galath

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Pick and keep only the best Train them well Encourage them to have fun Equip them with the best possible tools and information Give them wide latitude to make good decisions Provide them with continuous feedback on their performance Reward and challenge them

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Quality: high, consistent, guaranteed, always on time Value: competitive price (not the cheapest), quick turnaround, HVA consultations, skilled digital file work at no extra charge Peeps: smart, nice, helpful, educated, empowered Personality: Montana, dog-friendly, socially and environmentally responsible

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