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IDEA’04 & Nondiscriminatory testing : 

IDEA’04 & Nondiscriminatory testing Griselle D. García Capella SPED 500

IDEA’04 requires : 

IDEA’04 requires not be discriminatory on a racial or cultural basis, be administered in the language or form most likely to provide accurate information on the child’s abilities (unless this is simply not possible), be used in accordance with the original purpose of the measure to ensure reliability and validity, include a variety of assessments tools, and be administered by trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Assessment administration: : 

Assessment administration: Early Identification Prereferral process

Main purposes of the prereferral process : 

Main purposes of the prereferral process Reduce number of unnecessary and inappropriate assessments. Avoid misidentification of diverse students as having disabilities.

Multicultural background : 

Multicultural background Students from different multicultural backgrounds who are not part of the dominant American culture are often at a disadvantage when taking standardized tests. Students who are not dominant in the English language cannot demonstrate their abilities in such situations (Thurlow & Liu, 2001; Yziquierdo & Blalock, 2004 as cited in Smith & Tyler, 2010). Students who come from different cultures can be misidentified as having a disability or to their being excluded from education of the gifted (Ochoa et al., 1999 as cited in Smith & Tyler, 2010).

Reasons of the discrimination in the assessment process : 

Reasons of the discrimination in the assessment process Unfair evaluations Test items Lack of representation of diverse groups in the standardization population.

My responsibility : 

My responsibility Be culture sensitive Aware of my own culture Enforce the five tenets of the IDEA’04 regarding the nondiscriminatory testing Familiarize with teachers’ curriculum Work with families and communities

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