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An IP Based Growth Strategy for Oman’s Tourism : 

An IP Based Growth Strategy for Oman’s Tourism Muscat, February 13 and 14, 2005 Intellectual Property and Economic Development Division Roya Ghafele, e-mail: roya.ghafele@wipo.int

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Oman’s emphasis on tourism as an important non-oil sector can be observed in the rapid growth rate of the industry. The current tourist strategy has mainly sought to expand tourist infrastructure. The target group is the high-income tourist who is assumed to be interested in sports, luxury & landscape. Integrating the IP dimension in the current strategy may help Oman to enhance solid growth in the sector. The impact of IP is twofold: Geographical indications, collective marks & certification marks can help Oman to better market the country. Trade secrets & patents on business processes can foster the overall quality of services in the industry. Enriching the current tourist strategy through IP means to put more emphasis on marketing and the quality of services. To achieve the visions as developed in the plan “tourism 2020”, Oman may consider to further study tourist demand and the country’s uniqueness. Adequate IP protection may help to convey the right message to the market. Source: Roya Ghafele

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The Omani Context Intellectual Property: Key In Tourism Making Oman Better Off AGENDA

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The Oman Tourist Industry Grows Rapidly... Source: Roya Ghafele, mocioman.gov.om/tourism/statistics.html Tourism Contributes to 0.6% of GDP 1997 1999 2001 502 626 50 562 749 436 375

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… Even by International Standards Source: Roya Ghafele, WTO Database, Worldbank Indicators Oman is ranked among the top 20 fastest growing DAC countries Cambodia El Salvador Myanmar Oman Madagascar 17 21 194 149 53 466 160 502 208 795 2641% 309% 890% 236% 201%

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Oman has developed a sound tourist strategy... Source: Roya Ghafele, CBD Secretariat Report 2000 Vision 2020 Raise Contribution to GDP to 3% Raise employment from 37% to 85% Protection of the Ecosystem Development of cultural sights Active in protecting animals & nature Infrastructure Development Double hotel capacity in next 10 years Amusement park Shopping mall Well functioning airport Joint visa with Dubai Human Resource Development Joint hotel management program with Austria Educate & train tourist professionals Marketing Target Group: Better off & better educated neighboring countries, U.S.A, E.U. Tourist representative offices in Russia, Japan, Italy, Australia, Dubai, at least 22 tour operators worldwide

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… Which Has So Far Not Integrated IP Source: Roya Ghafele Linking IP to tourism Does not use Geographical indications, collective marks & certification marks to brand a place or a nation or to convey its uniqueness distinctiveness & credibility Does not use trade secrets/ process patents to guarantee quality of services Self contained resort hotels Sand & beaches Nature desert expeditions, mountain exploration, whales/dolphin/bird watching Cultural attractions Sports Watersports, desert motoring, weekend mountains Oman’s Current Value Proposition

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The Omani Context Intellectual Property: Key In Tourism Making Oman Better Off AGENDA

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IP Boosts Tourism IP Geographical Indications Certification Marks Collective Trademarks Trade Secrets Process Patents (not in all countries allowed) Developing an intellectual infrastructure: upgrading know how, skills & business processes Telling the story of who we are: promoting & positioning in the market Source: Roya Ghafele, Simon Anholt

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New Horizons Through Collective Marks, Certification Marks, Geographical Indications Source: Roya Ghafele Telling The Story Of Who We Are: Don’t let others define who you are Uniqueness: What distinguishes Oman from other tourist destinations? Create new visions Convert old perceptions Develop a sense of place Communicate cultural identity Customer Segmentation: Understand tourist demand Manage tourist expectations Motivate tourists to come to Oman Brand Sustainability: Control image & perception Keep promises Develop themes in landscape & cultural sights Protect image through IP

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Upgrading Skills & Protecting Business Processes Source: Roya Ghafele Developing an intellectual infrastructure: Keep your promises Distinctiveness: Superior services Safety & quality of Services Skilled Labor Efficiency & Effectiveness of Services

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Impact Of An IP Based Tourist Strategy: Source: Roya Ghafele, Walter Santagata, Simon Anholt Internal External creates new local pride creates respect for traditional style impacts education boosts local economy revitalizes process of abandoned cultures increases reputation brings safeguards in the market increases tourist demand boosts investor confidence creates actively an international image

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The Omani Context Intellectual Property: Key In Tourism Making Oman Better Off AGENDA

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Stabilizing Oman’s Tourist Strategy Through IP Source: Roya Ghafele Oman’s tourist strategy IP Enhanced business processes Perception in the market & by Oman itself

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Blueprint For The Short Term Source: Roya Ghafele Make Oman a unique tourist destination & competitive in global markets by fulfilling tourists’ dreams Define yourself Be the tourists’ dreams Keep the promise What? Why? How? Self Perception Business Processes Marketing What distinguishes Oman from other tourist destinations? Understand tourist demand e.g. “Oman, a fairy tale in white” “Land of friendly people & dramatic landscapes” “Malaysia, truly Asia” Meet expectations Deliver superior services

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Next Steps Source: Roya Ghafele Learn who you are Convey message to stakeholders Ensure IP protection Lance redefined approach Understand what tourists want Assess cultural heritage Understand your history Review community perception Issue studies on what your clients want Transmit message to industry, tourist operators, tourist external relations offices, investors Bring them together for discussion Ensure protection of certification marks, collective trademarks & geographical indications Let the world know who you are Mobilize funds Chose ideal communication medium

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