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dgdfdf Peace, development and human rights Pressing UN issues for women

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dgdfdf Suzanne Long Women’s Advisory Council, UNA-UK

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dgdfdf Charlotte Onslow International Alert

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dgdfdf Kathryn Colvin UNIFEM UK

Using CEDAW in the UK : 

Using CEDAW in the UK Charlotte Gage Women’s Resource Centre

About Women’s Resource Centre : 

About Women’s Resource Centre National, capacity building, infrastructure body for women’s organisations Provide training, one-to-one support, policy consultations, acts as advocate and voice for women’s organisations Over 300 members working in a wide range of areas, delivering services to and campaigning on behalf of some of the most marginalised communities of women

About CEDAW : 

About CEDAW Women’s international Bill of Rights Solely concerned with the position of women rather than discrimination faced by both sexes Provides a framework for States to take responsibility for tackling, and eliminating, discrimination against women Focus on achieving substantive equality for women in both the private and public spheres Outlines a comprehensive set of rights for women in all fields (civil, political, economic, social, cultural and other fields) The only human rights treaty which affirms the reproductive rights of women and targets culture and tradition as influential forces shaping gender roles and family relations

UK and CEDAW : 

UK and CEDAW UK Government ratified in 1986 State is committed to undertake a series of measures to: End all forms of discrimination against women; Protect women; and Promote equality within the legal system, public institutions and other organisations and amongst individuals State is legally bound to put provisions into practice UK has reservations on 7 Articles but plan to review State agrees to take all appropriate measures, including legislation and temporary special measures Optional Protocol came into force in UK in 2005

Last UK examination : 

Last UK examination July 2008 (last reported in 1999) 12 Shadow reports (specific reports from Northern Ireland) Women’s organisations attended and involved in process Strong recommendations made to UK Government Shadow reports specifically influenced recommendations (e.g. reproductive rights, funding to women’s sector)

CEDAW Working Group : 

CEDAW Working Group Request from CEDAW conference March 2009 Currently 42 members from across UK Women’s and human rights organisations with diverse areas of expertise Training to capacity build around CEDAW Working towards a strategy for the next examination in 2012

Using CEDAW : 

Using CEDAW Contact your parliamentary representative or local authority to ask what they are doing to address the CEDAW recommendations Use CEDAW and this language in your policy consultation responses and other publicity Raise awareness about CEDAW with your service users and members Get involved in the shadow reporting process for the next examination www.wrc.org.uk/cedaw

Human rights framework : 

Human rights framework Human Rights are protected by UK and international legislation Rights based approach to equality - thinking about rights can make your case stronger Can make a needs based approach stronger too Use other human rights instruments (e.g. Human Rights Act)

Other tools to get your voice heard locally : 

Other tools to get your voice heard locally Single Equality Act (Gender Equality Duty) Duty to involve Local Strategic Partnerships Local Area Agreement Compact Public law principles Why women? campaign materials Forming a women’s network

Contact: : 

Contact: Charlotte Gage Policy Officer Women’s Resource Centre Ground Floor East 33-41 Dallington Street London EC1V 0BB charlotte@wrc.org.uk www.wrc.org.uk

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