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Childhood vaccinations: protection or poison? : 

Childhood vaccinations: protection or poison? Kate Weir

Autism : 

Autism Discovered in 1943 by Leo Kanner Gaining public interest with rising number of cases in the past few decades Developmental brain disorder A “spectrum disorder”

Signs of autism : 

Signs of autism

1990: 1 in 5000 children diagnosed with autism2010: 1 in 110 children have the disorder : 

1990: 1 in 5000 children diagnosed with autism2010: 1 in 110 children have the disorder

Slide 5: Sometimes signs appear at birth Called “regressive autism” when symptoms don’t appear until later, usually between ages 1-3 This is around the same time children receive many of their vaccinations

MMR Vaccine and Autism : 

MMR Vaccine and Autism First linked in 1998 when Dr. Andrew Wakefield published his study in The Lancet Parents begin to worry about having their children vaccinated

Slide 7: 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Thimerosal : 

Thimerosal Thimerosal- a chemical preservative that contains mercury Present in 30 childhood vaccines in 1998 Symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism are similar

Hepatitis B vaccine : 

Hepatitis B vaccine Stony Brook University Medical Center 2007 study: Boys who receive Hepatitis B vaccine 8.63 times more likely to need special education services for disorders such as autism

Aluminum : 

As amount thimerosal was reduced in vaccines, the amount of aluminum was increased Theorized that maybe heavy metals in general are causing damage, not mercury specifically Aluminum

Slide 11: 

Metallothionein Metallothionein: a protein that helps to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins Theorized that autism appears when metallothionein doesn’t function properly

A Genetic Link : 

A Genetic Link Most scientists agree that there is a genetic link to autism Rate of autism growing faster than rate of population growth, so another factor must be present

Is it simply too much? : 

Is it simply too much? Maybe the large amount of vaccines given over-taxes a child’s immune system Schedules proposed that spread vaccines out over more time

Slide 14: University of Louisville School of Medicine study finds no advantage to spreading out vaccines Waiting to give vaccines leaves child exposed to diseases longer

Slide 15: 

Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue

Slide 16:

Less vaccines: more diseases : 

Less vaccines: more diseases Some parents not vaccinating their children out of fear of autism Measles outbreak in San Diego in 2008 36 children at affected school had been exempted from vaccinations Scientists worried about effects of not vaccinating children

The media vs. science : 

The media vs. science Scientists worry that media attention and money spent on the vaccine theory diverts attention away from other more promising ventures

Slide 19: 

Vaccine Court March 12, 2010: U.S. Court of Federal Claims decides there is not enough evidence to prove a link between autism and vaccines Families affected by autism not entitled to compensation

Slide 20: 

Scientists have yet to identify exactly what causes autism. The disorder is certain to remain an area of medical attention and controversy in the years to come. Looking to the future

Slide 21: 

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Slide 22: 

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