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Rosie Bradburn Kierstin Livermore Madison Daniel Fishes

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Fish-Is a vertebrate that lives in water and uses fins to move. Key?-What are the characteristics of most fishes A-In addition to living in water and having fins, most fishes are ectoderms, obtaining oxygen through out the gills, having scales. Characteristics of fish

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Characteristics of Fishes

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Jawless Fishes are unlike an types of fished because they are jawless (hints the name) and have no scales. There are only two types of fishes alive today, Hagfishes and Lampreys. Jawless Fishes get their food by placing their mouths on healthy-fishes scales and suck out the tissues and the blood. Jawless Fishes

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Jawless Fishes

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Cartilaginous Fishes are jawed fishes with paired fins, paired nears, scales, two-chambered hearts, and skelatons made of cartilage NOT bone. Their red blood cells are produced in the spleen. They have 5-7 gills depending on their species. Kinds of them are hammerhead sharks, great white sharks, sting rays, and more. Cartilaginous Fishes

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Cartilaginous Fishes

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An Osteichye also called a boney fish, have a boney skeleton. They are the vast majority of fish, which is in extremely diverse and abundant group consisting of over 29,000 species. It is the largest class of vertebrates in existence today. Boney Fishes

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Boney Fishes

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