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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Welcome to the wonderful world of Seuss!

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March 2 is Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Dr. Seuss is a famous childhood author! Let’s explore some of books before we read them! Just click on the buttons to go on.

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Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? Try them, try them you will see! You will see how good they can be! Read Dr. Seuss’ book, Green Eggs and Ham to learn that sometimes food that may look yucky is really yummy!

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Hop on Pop! Do you like to hop on your pop? Do you just like to rhyme silly words? If you do, Hop on Pop is the book for you!

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The Lorax We all know we need to recycle. Learn from the Lorax what happens if we do not take care of our Earth!

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The Cat in the Hat My book is one of the most favorite of Dr. Seuss’ books. Some might say it was so good that Dr. Seuss wrote another book about me, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back!

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Thank you Dr. Seuss! If you would like to see more about Dr. Seuss and his books, just ask the cat at the Seussville website at

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