PRISM 20th anniversary presentation

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Prism 20th Anniversary

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PRISM 20TH Anniversary Presentation Presented at the 2008 Annual Conference Miami, FL 28 April 2008 Leon J. Schwartz, Iowa PERS

In the beginning… : 

In the beginning… State of our world in 1988 Public pension industry Technology Application Development Business Relationships

PRISM Organizational meeting : 

PRISM Organizational meeting Ray Clarke of Colorado PERA organized the first meeting Held 5-7 October 1988 Antler Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO 26 staff from 18 pension systems Created bylaws, name, structure Elected officers

Structure of PRISM : 

Structure of PRISM Private non-profit professional association Volunteer organization, no staff Operate under bylaws and guidelines

Purposes of PRISM : 

Purposes of PRISM Provide a focal point for discussion on new technology affecting the retirement and Information Technology (IT) industries Build and provide a network for the exchange of information among IT directors of Public Funds organizations Develop and provide a sense of fiduciary responsibility for IT management within the Public Funds industry

Membership : 

Membership Limited to public pension systems Systems are the members, not staff Systems designate a point of contact International membership Mostly statewide and some smaller systems Systems pay a $150 annual membership fee Currently about 100 member systems

Sponsors : 

Sponsors Sponsors are not members Limited to vendors who provide products or services to the public pension industry Limited number of conference attendees Have access to the membership list Annual revenue from sponsors is about 60% of the total annual revenue

Board of Directors : 

Board of Directors President-Elect/Program Chair, President, President Emeritus – 3 years Treasurer – 2 year term Secretary – 2 year term District Directors: West, Central, South, Northeast – 2 year term Webmaster – appointed annually Primary task is to plan and execute the annual conference – use a task list

Meetings and Workshops : 

Meetings and Workshops Board meetings are held in conjunction with the annual conference Annual fall Board meeting An annual fall workshop was held four times, 1998-2001 They were focused on the Internet and e-gov topics They were organized and run by member systems

Annual Conference : 

Annual Conference Primary PRISM event Pertinent Theme is selected Location rotates across the country Vendor to member ratio is kept low Not too big, right size enables a close knit group We have a full agenda and work hard, but still have a little fun

Annual Conference format : 

Annual Conference format 3-5 plenary session speakers 5-8 member-led breakout sessions New member-led discussion groups Member roundtable Sponsor introductions Networking opportunities/evening events Business meeting

Conferences and Workshops : 

Conferences and Workshops Organizational meeting Four workshops Twenty annual conferences

Fall 1988 – Colorado Springs, CO : 

Fall 1988 – Colorado Springs, CO Organizational meeting – creation of PRISM 26 attendees from 18 systems No paid speakers No vendors Talked about IT salaries Night event It snowed

1989 – Cincinnati, OH : 

1989 – Cincinnati, OH First PRISM Conference 3-5 May 1989 – Westin Hotel 37 member systems Same officers elected Kentucky Derby time

1990 – Orlando, FL : 

1990 – Orlando, FL 21-23 March 1990 – Sheraton World Hotel Current conference format used Three general speakers, Baby Boomer impact Eight breakout sessions - vendor and member presentations 51 attendees and member systems Six corporate sponsors Ray Clarke still President Theme - Issues Affecting Future Systems Development

1991 – San Francisco, CA : 

1991 – San Francisco, CA 5-8 May 1991 – Fisherman’s Wharf Marriott 54 member systems but only 38 attendees 4 sponsors Ray Clarke still President Reengineering using new technology Client server, Voice Response systems Theme – Technology

1992 – Washington, DC : 

1992 – Washington, DC 12-15 Apr 1992 – Key Bridge Marriott 56 member systems and 42 attendees 4 sponsors Business Continuity planning Bob Coe, Ohio SERS - President Software reengineering Cherry Blossom time Theme - Federal Government Initiatives

1993 – New Orleans, LA : 

1993 – New Orleans, LA 16-19 May 1993 – New Orleans Marriott 56 member systems and 46 attendees 6 sponsors Bob Coe, Ohio SERS - President Open Systems, Client/server, imaging More vendor presentations than system presentations Software reengineering Theme – Managing for Your Customers

1994 – San Antonio, TX : 

1994 – San Antonio, TX 1-4 May 1994 – Marriott Riverwalk 61 member systems and 70 attendees 9 sponsors Jack Bauman, Michigan - President Dick Roeder of GRS and Francis Finlay of Clay, Finlay general session speakers All breakout sessions are presented by members Theme - Pension Plans: 2001

1995 – San Diego, CA : 

1995 – San Diego, CA 30 Apr – 3 May 1995 - San Diego Princess Resort 60 member systems and 66 attendees, 11 sponsors Jack Bauman still the President Mainframe versus network session Big name speakers, Ted Gaebler – Reinventing Government and Peter Isler, America’s Cup Memorable cruise on the Victoria Star Official Theme - Teamwork Unofficial Theme - Don’t Rock the Boat

1996 – Orlando, FL : 

1996 – Orlando, FL 14-17 April 1996 – Stouffer Renaissance Orlando Resort 59 member systems and 70 attendees 13 sponsors Norm Baker, Iowa PERS - President General session speaker P.K. Agarwal – Internet Almost every session was on the Theme Theme - Pension Fund Communication and the Internet

1997 – Scottsdale, AZ : 

1997 – Scottsdale, AZ 4-7 May 1997 – Radisson Resort Scottsdale 64 member systems and 99 attendees 16 sponsors Larry Martin, Cal STRS, President General session speaker Maddy Dychtwald – The Age Wave Member session “Our Journey to Client Server Success: The Road to Hell and Back” Theme - Pension Funds in the 21st Century

1998 – Nashville, TN : 

1998 – Nashville, TN 19 sponsors Peggi Douglass, RS of Alabama – President General session speaker Gopal Kapur – Project Mgmt Member session – Computer Output to Laser Disk Boat ride on an indoor river

Fall 1998 – Dallas, TX : 

Fall 1998 – Dallas, TX First major meeting supported by PRISM other than the annual conference Called an Internet Roundtable Organized by Missouri PSRS Half IT and half business attendees

1999 – Seattle, WA : 

1999 – Seattle, WA Renaissance Madison Hotel 16 sponsors Doug Steele, SURS Illinois, President General session speakers Mike McKinley – “When We Fail to Change We Fail”, Jack Shaw – E-Commerce Package and Software Implementation – Texas ERS Y2K fever Another boat ride

Fall 1999 – Dallas, TX : 

Fall 1999 – Dallas, TX Second Internet Roundtable Organized by TRS and ERS of Texas Half IT and half business attendees Focus on Internet, e-business, etc.

2000 – Williamsburg, VA : 

2000 – Williamsburg, VA Williamsburg Marriott 14 sponsors Michael Nivens, SC RS - President General session topics – Time Management, Humor, Internet Breakout topics – Internet, workflow, Lotus Notes and document storage Plantation history and ghost tour, no boats

Fall 2000 – Dallas, TX : 

Fall 2000 – Dallas, TX Third Internet Roundtable Organized by TRS and ERS of Texas Half IT and half business attendees Focus on Internet, e-business, etc.

2001 – New Orleans, LA : 

2001 – New Orleans, LA Alan Kotmel, NY TRS – President Budget exceeds $100,000 General session speakers Maddy Dychtwald – Future, John Alston – Attitude Breakout sessions – Internet and legacy, strategic planning, gainsharing Karaoke!

Fall 2001 – San Diego, CA : 

Fall 2001 – San Diego, CA Last Internet Roundtable Organized by CalPERS and CalSTRS Half IT and half business attendees Focus on Internet, e-business, etc.

2002 – Key West, FL : 

2002 – Key West, FL Wyndham Casa Marina Jack Harrigan, Mass. TRB – President General session speaker Gopal Kapur – project mgmt Breakout sessions – data warehouse, disaster recovery, knowledge mgmt Another boat ride, fantastic food, karaoke

2003 – Rancho Mirage, CA : 

2003 – Rancho Mirage, CA Westin Hills Mission Resort Chris Hansen, SURS Illinois – President 72 member systems and 123 attendees 20 sponsors General session speakers Tim Gard – Humor, Skunk Baxter – Security Breakout sessions – member self service, reengineering Good golf, numbers down due to poor economy

2004 – Memphis, TN : 

2004 – Memphis, TN The Peabody Hotel Blake Sherry, Ohio PERS – President 80 member systems and 138 attendees 18 sponsors General session speakers, Steve Kolodney – State CIO, John Izzo – Soul of Work Breakout sessions – Business/IT governance, project mgmt, CRM Lots of music, no boats, just ducks in the hotel

2005 – Tampa, FL : 

2005 – Tampa, FL Grand Hyatt Tampa Amy Morgan, TRS of Texas – President 74 member systems and 153 attendees 24 sponsors General session speaker, Jeff Salz – adventure Breakout sessions – SOA, Call Center CRM, Workflow Flag football at Raymond James Stadium, karaoke Hotel fire

2006 – San Francisco, CA : 

2006 – San Francisco, CA 67 member systems and 171 attendees 26 sponsors Leon Schwartz, Iowa PERS – President General session speakers, Steve Rizzo – attitude, Steve Slater – security Breakout sessions – Network security, risk mgmt, web based employer reporting Teatro Zinzanni, Fisherman’s Wharf

2007 – San Antonio, TX : 

2007 – San Antonio, TX 85 member systems and 181 attendees 25 sponsors Greg McQueen, Georgia TRS – President Three general session speakers, attitude Added member discussion groups Breakout sessions – system replacement, biometrics, hot site Riverwalk, Howl at the Moon

2008 – Miami, FL : 

2008 – Miami, FL 20th Anniversary Celebration Miami Airport Hilton 102 member systems and 197 attendees 26 sponsors Sonja Korb, Virginia RS – President Budget crept over $200,000 Another boat ride Karaoke

PRISM website : 

PRISM website Retirement Systems of Alabama has hosted at no cost to PRISM for over ten years Membership and sponsor lists Rich resource for information collected for the conference Always need more content

Peer Organizations : 

Peer Organizations National Association of State Retirement Administrators (NASRA) National Conference on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) National Association of Public Pension Attorneys (NAPPA) Public Pension Financial Forum (P2F2) Association of Public Pension Fund Auditors (APPFA)

PRISM of today : 

PRISM of today Healthy organization that is meeting its fundamental purposes of serving as a networking opportunity and a focal point for IT and public pension discussion and understanding Stable to slightly growing membership Great sponsor support

PRISM of tomorrow : 

PRISM of tomorrow Keep the organization on its current path Don’t let it grow too big Always will need volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors Focus on how to share more electronically Keep it fun

Thank You! : 

Thank You! Sponsors Everyone that has ever served on the Board of Directors Past Presidents Charter Member Recognition Entire Membership

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Prism 20th Anniversary

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