Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere : 

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Revolutionary war hero Paul Revere warned the colonists of an advancing attack by the British army. Revere rode his horse through the night warning every village and town. The colonist, prepared by Revere’s warning, defeated the Bristish forces.

Genre: Poetry : 

Genre: Poetry Poetry is an arrangement of words in lines having rhythm. Sometimes those lines rhyme, as in this narrative poem.

Sequence : 

Sequence The sequence of events is the order in which they take place, from first to last. Clue words such as first, next, and then mayshow sequence in a story or article, but notalways. Other clues are dates and time of day. Two events can happen at the same time.While and at the same time are clue words.

Strategy: Graphic Organizers : 

Strategy: Graphic Organizers Active readers often create graphic organizers to help them understand and remember what they read.

Words to Know : 

Words to Know fate what becomes of someone or something fearless without fear; afraid of nothing; brave; daring glimmer a faint, unsteady light lingers stays on; goes slowly, as if unwilling to leave

Words to Know : 

Words to Know magnified caused something to look larger than it actually is somber having deep shadows; dark; gloomy steed a horse, especially a riding horse

Guided Reading Questions : 

Guided Reading Questions What is the poem's setting? Identify the time of the events in the poem. Reread the second stanza. Name the main idea and one supporting detail. Based on the first page, what do you think the theme, or the big idea, of the poem will be?

Guided Reading Questions : 

Guided Reading Questions What was Paul Revere's friend doing before he heard the British soldiers marching to their boats? What caused Paul Revere's friend to climb the tower of Old North Church? Why do you think Paul Revere's friend feels "secret dread"?

Guided Reading Questions : 

Guided Reading Questions What does the phrase "a line of black that bends and floats“ in the first verse on p. 240 mean? What events could you add to a time line to help identify the order of events? Summarize the facts you've learned from thepoem so far and think about the impact this event has had on your life.

Guided Reading Questions : 

Guided Reading Questions How do you think Paul Revere is feeling at this point in the poem? What events during the start of Paul Revere's ride could you add to a time line? What does Paul Revere do right before he comes into Medford town? Identify the base word and ending of galloped in the first sentence. What is the meaning of the word?

Guided Reading Questions : 

Guided Reading Questions How would you describe the mood, or feeling, of the poem at this point? Does it reflect Paul Revere's mood? What do you think the author's opinion is of the farmers of Concord? How much time has passed during the ride? How is this poem different from other stories you have read about the Revolutionary War? Why do you think Longfellow chose to tell this story as a poem?

Daily Fix-It : 

Daily Fix-It Mr. henry enjoy teaching U.S. history. He is eagar to teach we about the Revolutionary War.

Daily Fix-It : 

Daily Fix-It Isnt that also called the War of Independence. Thirteen colonies was ruled by england until 1776.

Daily Fix-It : 

Daily Fix-It Paul revere watched for a glimmir of light in the tower. Him horse was redy to run.

Daily Fix-It : 

Daily Fix-It My family are visiting Boston on vakation. Many heros lived hear.

Daily Fix-It : 

Daily Fix-It British Ships float in the harber. They're sharp masts looks like dangerous weapons.

Resources : 

Resources Paul Revere’s Ride ReadWriteThink Early America United Streaming And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? Six Revolutionary War Heros

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