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The Mariel Boatlift

Early Unnoticed Sign : 

Early Unnoticed Sign Castro removed his guards from the embassy in Peru on April 4, 1980.

Quick Facts : 

Quick Facts Started: mid-April 1980 Ended: October 31, 1980 Number of migrants: 124,776 (18% youth) Number per day: 3,784 Number that died: 27 (14 of which were on the same boat) USCG costs per week: $650,000 Number of boats: 1,700

In Cuba : 

In Cuba Economy declining Housing shortages Job shortages Tensions on island

What happened? : 

What happened? Castro allowed anyone who wanted to leave to board a ship at the port of Mariel, Cuba, west of Havana. 50-60% went to Miami.

Why did people migrate? : 

Why did people migrate? Freedom Relatives in America Bad times in Cuba

Shelters migrants were welcomed to : 

Shelters migrants were welcomed to Biggest problem- where to put all the people Manuel Artime Community Center in Little Havana Dade County Youth Fair grounds Opa-Locka airport Krome Orange Bowl Stadium Tent under I-95

What Resulted? : 

What Resulted? Families reunited 7 % increase in overall population and labor force Increased homicide rates (nearly 50% inc.) Riots People began to carry guns Unemployment rose (but it was rising in the country, so its not solely do to this) Need police-hired anyone, police corruption

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl9OddN29Z4 25 seconds

Government reaction : 

Government reaction Political problems for Jimmy Carter- mental/jail Ferre (Mayor) goes to White house. VP Mondale then moved to National Security council instead Carter Admin. didn’t react forcefully, local governments stepped in.

Reflection of a Marielita : 

Reflection of a Marielita http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jcw3-m5RbLY

Result : 

Result Many have been successful. Achieved freedom As of today people are still trying to go back and find the people who helped them. Now a Mariel Boatlift database.

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