Volunteer Recuitment and Recognition

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Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition : 

Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition Kelly Rund and Anita Yakle – Family Assistance Center Representatives

What is Recruitment? : 

What is Recruitment? Recruitment = “Raising or Strengthening by enlisting personnel” (Webster's New World Dictionary)

Volunteers : 

Volunteers People who have a sense of commitment to their chosen pursuit. They give their time, talents, and energy to realize that commitment. Gratitude should be expressed genuinely, with sincerity and in a timely manner. “Volunteers don’t get paid for their work, not because its worthless, but because it’s priceless” Anonymous

Reasons People Volunteer : 

Reasons People Volunteer Contribute to the community Meet people Support children's activities Attain a sense of achievement Personal growth Patriotism Feels good to do something for others. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Why We DON’T Volunteer : 

Why We DON’T Volunteer Not enough time Negative opinion about your FRG Unwillingness to make a long commitment Inability to come when they’re needed Fear of the unknown Attitude is contagious

Slide 6: 

Why did you volunteer? Did you overcome any of the reasons to NOT volunteer….. What were they?

Recruitment : 

Recruitment Continuous activity. Consider the needs of the unit ALSO consider needs, strengths and interests of the volunteers. Talk to them on an individual basis, identify their interests and what is motivating them to volunteer. Consider their work schedules and family demands when matching volunteer positions.

Who to Recruit? : 

Who to Recruit? Soldiers Family members, including teens. Former unit members/retirees Employers Friends/neighbors Community business leaders Anyone interested in the well-being of the soldiers. Don’t be shy, sometimes someone just needs to be invited!

Recruitment methods : 

Recruitment methods Personal Contact – JUST ASK! Letters and Fliers Command–sponsored Event Recognition

Recruiting Tips : 

Recruiting Tips Approach with a positive attitude Know what function or job they will be asked to do Be honest about work to be accomplished Be specific Know the program and be able to communicate the purpose and value of the program Emphasize the participation benefits both to the unit and the volunteer.

Retaining Volunteers : 

Retaining Volunteers Orientation - Process of making volunteers understand and feel comfortable with the workings of the FRG and the military Training - Process of giving the volunteer the tools they need to prepare them for the job.

Orientation : 

Orientation A description of the volunteer program A look at the organizational chart Introduction of key staff Time lines and descriptions of major organizational events and activities An orientation of the facilities and equipment

Training : 

Training Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Guard Family Team Building (GFTB) Annual State Conference Regional Training Rock Island Arsenal Training Websites

Choose your attitude! Maintain a positive perspective : 

Choose your attitude! Maintain a positive perspective Being positive is a choice Take responsibility for your emotional state When you're feeling terrific, notify your face Check your greeting – choose to be better than fine. Let go of the struggle Lighten up…you have to laugh

Recognition : 

Recognition State Awards: Family of the Year Unit/Wing of the Year Award Elizabeth Armstrong Award Minuteman Pin Award Units Recognition Public praise Newsletter articles Thank you notes Certificates of appreciation

Volunteers are Not : 

Volunteers are Not To be given only unsavory work To be taken for granted To be micromanaged To be criticized but encouraged!

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