Maya Military

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Maya Military : 

Maya Military

War : 

War Lots of them Many raids Total destruction Usually for economic gain For control of trade routes

Military Mysteries : 

Military Mysteries How were they trained? Officers Nobility Organization or logistics? Battle scenes in Mayan Art and Murals

Prisoners : 

Prisoners During Preclassic time wearing heads Other times Captured prisoners Tzompantli

Rulers : 

Rulers Ruler = supreme war captain Were like president of United States Art and Murals Captured, tortuned, sacrificied Could have fought

Rituals : 

Rituals Preparation War dances/Music War banners Effigies Sacrifices

Weapons : 

Weapons Bow and Arrow Knives Spears Clubs Sickles

War and Religion : 

War and Religion Mostly about gods Used very little war tactics Sun Jaguar = war god Warriors asked him for help Religion just as important as weapons

Mayan Civilization : 

Mayan Civilization Once thought to be peaceful View changed after WWII Were actually hostile Fought more towards end of civilization Never a united kingdom

Mayans Army : 

Mayans Army Not permanent Militia Able bodied men and boys

Defense : 

Defense No fortifications Few wore helmets cotton vests filled with rock salt Spanish adopted this armor

The End of Maya : 

The End of Maya No one really knows Mostly became Aztecs Or were killed by the Spanish

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