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OSTT 2010 : 

OSTT 2010 This presentation is prepared to provide information and examples of the training intended to be delivered in the Perdition Police Department Operational Safety and Tactics Training program.

What is OSTT? : 

What is OSTT? OSTT stands for Operational Safety and Tactics. The extra T stands for Training. OST encompasses almost all skills used in a Police Member’s day-to-day dealings with people, whether offenders, victims or the public. These range from levels of basic and tactical communication used to defuse situations through to defensive tactics employed when situations escalate or become violent.

Program Delivery : 

Program Delivery The training program will be split into three modules, with an introductory and graduation session at the start and close of the course respectively. The basic training outline can be viewed on the following slides.

Introduction to OST : 

Introduction to OST

Conflict Resolution : 

Conflict Resolution

Non-Lethal Force : 

Non-Lethal Force

Lethal Force (Firearms 101) : 

Lethal Force (Firearms 101)

Examinations and Graduation : 

Examinations and Graduation

Examinations : 

Examinations Both practical and theoretical examinations will be conducted, both of which being based solely on experience gained throughout the training course. Theory examinations will be written questions Practical examinations will include the following; Trainee will be placed in a situation with a single non-compliant offender Trainee will be placed in a situation with a violent offender Trainee will be placed into a situation with multiple non-compliant offenders Trainee will have to work with fellow officers to de-escalate, or quell a group of non-compliant persons

Further Training : 

Further Training Based on the reception to this training program, the following further training programs may be offered; Dealing with drug or alcohol effected persons Tactical communication (negotiating) Intermediate/advanced baton use Intermediate/advanced EHA Suicide intervention Pursuit training (foot and/or vehicle)

END : 

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