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Fire Retardant Products : 

Fire Retardant Products Fire Proof Paint Call: 0800 0277 955

Intumescent Paint : 

Intumescent Paint Intumescent Steel Paint Intumescent Wood Paint Call: 0800 0277 955

Intumescent Seals : 

Intumescent Seals Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals Fire Retardant Services provides two types of seals: single door sets (SDS) and double door sets (DDR). Call: 0800 0277 955

Fire Proof Foam : 

Fire Proof Foam Fire proof foam emits virtually no fumes or gases when affected by flame. It expands up to 40 times its original volume on application. Call: 0800 0277 955

Intumescent Mastic : 

Intumescent Mastic Call: 0800 0277 955

Thank You : 

Thank You Fire Retardant Services provides intumescent and fire proof products like intumescent paints, intumescent seals, fire proof foams, door upgrades, etc. They are also well-known for their surveying, specification, training and certification services. Please visit to know more about Fire Retardant Services. Call : 0800 0277 955

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