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Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt : 

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt By: Penny Psihogios Period:1 Sipiera

Wedge : 

Wedge Ex #1: Knifes – When you push or saw a knife through food, it slices the food into smaller pieces. Located in the Kitchen. Ex #2: Push pin – When you push the pin against the object it will cut through it and hold it in place.

Wheel & Axle : 

Wheel & Axle Ex #1: Door knob – When you turn the knob, it rotates an axle, which then unlatches the door. Located on every door in the house. Ex #2: Roll of toilet paper on roller – When you pull the toilet paper, it rotates the roll around an axle. Located in the Bathroom

Lever : 

Lever Ex #1: Light Switch – The switch pivots on a fulcrum and triggers an electrical current, which turns the light on and off. Located in the Kitchen. Ex #2: Scissors – When you squeeze the handles together, they pivot on a fulcrum, allowing the blades to slice through paper and other materials. Located at the office desk.

Inclined Plane : 

Inclined Plane Ex #1: Bottom sink – When water pours out of the faucet, the slope, or inclined plane of the sink slides the water down the drain. Located in the Kitchen and Bathroom. Ex #2: Bathtub – When you pull the drain plug, water flows down an incline towards the tub’s drain. Located in the Bathroom.

Screw : 

Screw Ex #1: Jar lid – Tightens on to the jar with a screw. Located in the Kitchen. Ex #2: Light bulb – The bottom of the light bulb is a screw. You turn it clockwise into a light socket to screw it in and counter -clockwise to unscrew it. Located in the Garage.

Pulley : 

Pulley Ex #1: Shoe Laces – When you tug on the shoe laces, they move through tiny holes, which reverse the direction of the force and pull the shoe tightly around your foot. Located in the Bedroom. Ex #2: Window shades – When you tug and pull the string the shades go up and down to open or close the shades.

Compound Machine #1 : 

Compound Machine #1 Stapler – Wedge: the staples in the stapler. When you push down on a stapler it sends out staples which are sharp metal, which pierces through paper. Lever: the top arm of the stapler. When you push down on a stapler, it transfers energy to staple, which staples your papers. Gear: the gear uses energy from the turning handle to spin around. Located at the office desk.

Compound Machine #2 : 

Compound Machine #2 Can opener – Lever: arms of can opener. These arms open and close on one fulcrum to grip and help open a can. Wheel and Axle: rotating handle of the can opener. When you turn the handle, energy transfers to a gear and wedge, which rotates and opens a can. Gear: the gear uses energy from the turning handle to spin around. Wedge: simple machine that slices and opens a can. As a can opener turns a can, it cuts through the metal top. Located in the kitchen

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