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Young Adult Room

Have You Heard...? : 

Have You Heard...? Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Warren on CD!

Looking for an interesting trilogy? : 

Looking for an interesting trilogy? Give the trilogy Last Survivors by Susan Beth Pfeffer a try! The world is changing all around Miranda and not in any way she would ever have expected! Read these amazing books to find out what happens to Miranda!

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TEENS! Join other teens that are interested in making decisions for the young adults in our library community See front desk for more information

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“I would recommend this album to anyone who likes well written Christian Rock!” -Kyle H. Check out Relient K’s punk-rock album Five Score and Seven Years Ago It’s their fifth full-length album (originally released in 2007) Check It Out!!!

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Watch the Movie and Read the Book!!

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Find out what all the new books, movies, and audio are at the Otsego District Library! Delivered every Wednesday morning right to your email. Sign up today at:

Have You Heard…? : 

Have You Heard…? Sarah Dessen's New York Times best-seller is a hit! Auden is a young girl dealing with her parents divorce. While living with her father she meets Eli… a mysterious yet captivating young man. Check out the MP3 version of Along for the Ride!

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This first volume follows Bella Swan’s riveting life as she falls for a young man named Edward… Although there are things about Edward that Bella will be shocked to uncover. Check-Out the Graphic Novel Version of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight!

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The first single from The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies), BOOM BOOM POW was the Black Eyed Peas' very first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! The new album by The Black Eyed Peas is off to a blazing start! Give a listen to the new album THE E.N.D.

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New Movies!!!

C-YA Monday! : 

C-YA Monday! Wii Gaming Night! Monday May 10th 6 PM

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A hilarious and truthful book that gives high school students a look at college life, beginning with "Arriving on Campus" and ending with "It's Almost Time to Say Goodbye.“Each topic includes a "Harlan Tip," accompanied by a true story from a college student.

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“Its scary because it could be true someday soon. It’s the eventual take-over of the once independent, free-thinking mind by ugly consumerism.” -Abby S. Check out what happens in Feed by M.T. Anderson! This brilliantly ironic satire is set in a future world where television and computers are connected directly into people's brains when they are babies. Check It Out!!!

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