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Racism : 


What is it? : 

What is it? Racism is prejudice and discrimination based on race. One with racist beliefs might hate a certain group of people on their race. Even certain racial groups may be denied right or benefits. Racism starts of with differences between different groups of people.

Statistics : 

Statistics Provides information on the number of hate crimes reported to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and their characteristics. This BJS Special Report uses data from victims' reports to the NCVS from July 2000 through December 2003 and from police reports to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) in 2002 to describe characteristics of hate crimes. Information is provided on the motivations for hate crime as perceived by victims, the types of crimes which victims thought were hate-related, reasons for reporting or not reporting hate crimes to police, police response to victim's notification of a crime, the time and place at which hate crimes occurred and offenders' gender, race, age, relationship to the victim, use of weapons, and gang membership. Rates of hate crime are presented for victims by gender, race, ethnicity, age and other characteristics. The report also compares results from the NCVS and the UCR on motivations for hate crime, the types of crimes that involve hate, and the characteristics of victims and offenders. Highlights include the following: Most hate crimes described by victims accompanied violent crimes - a rape or other sexual assault, robbery, or assault (84%). In about half of hate crimes, the victim was threatened verbally or assaulted without either a weapon or an injury being involved In 41% of hate victimizations reported to police, law enforcement was at the scene within 10 minutes.

Personal Stories : 

Personal Stories The was a time when I was after school with Brookes than we decided to go to Vons but on the way there we went to a jewelry store when Brookes and I went in the store Brookes was askin the store owner some question about this necklace or something but as he’s askin the owner this female worker walks up to me and says do you need something than I say no I’m jus waitin then she walks away and sits at her desk and just stares at me while I'm waitn on Brookes than she gets up again and says I'm sorry sure if your not gonna buy anything then please leave I ask why then all she says is please leaver sir than I leave and after I leave the store these to white kids go into the store and these guys are like rocker looking dudes and they I their like it aint nothin that’s my racial story.

Where is it occurring? : 

Where is it occurring? Racism is a danger which has plagued America throughout it's existence as a nation. In years following the heyday of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's this danger has both increased and receded. Many pundits have offered their opinions, explanations and accusations.

Who is it effecting? : 

Who is it effecting? Concepts and experiences from the work with young people affected by racism. This group will present and discuss concepts and experiences from the work with young people affected by racism. The aim of this discussion is to present and discuss different approaches of the work with young victims of racism in a practice-oriented way.

Why did you choose it? : 

Why did you choose it? I chose this issue because I think that it is effecting all of us. It needs to be adressed I want to reach into peoples

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