Haunted House

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This is a fun powerpoint that was for Halloween.


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Slide 1: 

Let’s play a game

Slide 2: 

One of these Dots is a safe dot The others lead to your doom

Slide 3: 

Wow You found it That’s not fun You want to know what is

Slide 4: 

Your Doom You must go through the Haunted House

Slide 5: 

Click on the door to enter

Slide 7: 

See your future In the crystal ball That means click on it.

Slide 8: 

Your future is questionable Take a look

Slide 9: 

Quick, Escape through the door

Slide 10: 

Something is in front of you. It’s a door You open it

Slide 11: 

What a quaint room What was that RUN AWAY!

Slide 13: 

Click the door knobs To open the door and Escape. You found the right door Click on the door to escape.

Slide 14: 

I don’t even want to Know what's in that Refrigerator. Uh oh, too late Look out!

Slide 15: 

What’s for dinner OH NO FLOATING FOOD

Slide 16: 

What is this? A Gallery? These pictures look familiar.

Slide 17: 

Hey, this one was in the crystal ball That means!

Slide 18: 

The End

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