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RUSI Malvern C4ISTAR Conference20th September 2006 : 

RUSI Malvern C4ISTAR Conference20th September 2006 C4ISTAR for Naval Operations Commodore Jack Green RN

Maritime Security Operations : 

Maritime Security Operations Sea lanes of communication Engagement Visiting Vessels Protection of key infrastructure nodes Deter/disrupt piracy Assist mariners in distress Humanitarian assistance

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Oil Platforms and Terminals : 

Oil Platforms and Terminals Known as ‘OPLATS’ ABOT & KAAOT 87% Iraqi Income Terminals, not Wells 52 miles from wells 48” diameter pipe Natural disaster Collapse of a Nation

Experimentation and Innovation : 

Experimentation and Innovation

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NATO Shipping Centre RMP Auto Data Input via Broad-Band line Selected Area Output to Defined ‘Customers’ Automatically at required times Selected Area Data Form Gold or Spreadsheet format AIS Data Gibraltar AIS Data Dubai Internet Weather Data AIS Data from other Ships? Deployed Portable AIS Receivers Position Reports NAMESIS DIS JTAC TRANSEC ???????? V-RMTC Deployed Units (NAMESIS) TELESTO N2 N2 Web site DEFRA Fishing data The White Fleet Picture

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Information Overload!

CENTRIXS/GCTF Flexibility : 

CENTRIXS/GCTF Flexibility TRIDENT WARRIOR 05/06 +CWID Joint Synthetic Training Submarine Communities of Interest Other Nations ??


FLEET EXWEB Ex Coord Tool Web Enabled Internet Based NATO WISE HTML Login/Password INMARSAT Bearer Effective Low Cost


MUAV - SCAN EAGLE SCAN EAGLE Mar 06 maritime trial MUAV Roadmap Capability Demo 09 MUAV 2020 Operational requirement: Funding priorities

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Moving Forward “Innovate, adapt and experiment our way into the new operational era of the 21st Century” Adm Burnell-Nugent CinC FLEET Feb 06 “The best way to predict the future is to create it” Adm Mullen CNO USN Feb 06

Friend or Foe?Or just an idiot? : 

Friend or Foe?Or just an idiot?

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