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Social Development : 

Social Development

What are the top three things you wish children would know or be prepared to do when they enter Kindergarten? : 

What are the top three things you wish children would know or be prepared to do when they enter Kindergarten? 1- that teachers are in charge, concepts of print, nursery rhyme exposure and classic stories 2- name, letters, social behavior 3- How to write their name, Know that their name is made up of letters, To name the letters in their name. 4- write their first name, know their birthday, know their parents name 5- how to write there name, how to follow directions, identify the letters in the alphabet 6- The word stop and there are rules, They have been read books, They have been talked to 7- Parents have read to them. Social skills with other children, Taught manners and respect. 8- Learn their ABC's in preschool, write their name, be able to follow directions. 9- Be able to separate from their parents, Take care of personal business 10- Some social skills, Some idea of numbers and letters, Buttoning and zipping clothing, be able to tie shoes 11- That every child is read to every day, Have experience "writing" (holding pencils, crayons etc), Have some exposure to the alphabet 12- Know all the letters and sounds of the alphabet; how to sit and listen when others speak; how to be responsible for their backpack, coat, and books

Empathy : 

Empathy Recognizing the feelings someone else is displaying improves social behaviors and academic performance (Fine, Izard, Mostow, Trentacosta, & Ackerman, 2003) increases peer likeability How to teach empathy Identify Emotions Assume another person’s perspective Respond emotionally to others Children who are able to accurately identify their emotions tend to be less aggressive and have better social skills.

Emotion Management : 

Emotion Management Emotion Management: Emotion regulation and labeling predicts social competence (Garner, Jones and Miner, 1993) Children with little emotion knowledge develop problem behaviors (Fine, Izard, Mostow, Trentacosta, & Ackerman, 2003) Emotion Regulation is linked with academic achievement (Fine, Izard, Mostow, Trentacosta, & Ackerman, 2003)

Teach Strong Emotions : 

Teach Strong Emotions Frustration Excitement Disappointment Anger

Ways to Teach emotions : 

Ways to Teach emotions Cut out pictures from a magazine Take pictures of the children Use TV/Video clips Draw a picture Finish the sentence “I feel happy when_______”

Problem Solving : 

Problem Solving This Involves 3 steps 1. How do I feel? 2. What is the Problem? 3. What can I do? Aggressive children have deficits in social processing (Dodge and Fabes, 1994) Helps children overcome developmental challenges (Mendez, Fantuzzo, Cicchetti, 2002)

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