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By: Heather Winkle Activism Project “Beautiful Bodies” The True Meaning of Beauty

Activism Project : 

Activism Project My group and I attended Sullivan Central High School to inform the young girls that no one has the “perfect” body, and everyone is unique and beautiful.

The Purpose : 

The Purpose This project was designed to teach girls at a young age about the negative views of women that the media displays. Also, it informed girls about the eating disorders that are affecting women, because of the pressure the media puts on them to have the “perfect” body.

The Benefits : 

The Benefits The benefits of the activism project include: Help young girls be aware of how the media portrays women negatively Help be aware of the dangers of eating disorders

My Role : 

My Role My role for the Activism Project included: Found material for the PowerPoint Developed Ideas for the overall presentation Helped assemble the poster and PowerPoint Helped with presenting the information

Why the Activism Project is Feminist : 

Why the Activism Project is Feminist Organization Three women worked on the presentation The whole project It involved changing young girls lives

What I Liked : 

What I Liked I enjoyed going to the high school and informing the students, because I felt like I could make a difference in their lives. Also, I enjoyed working with the people in my group. I liked working on the PowerPoint and poster with my group, also.

What I Did Not Like : 

What I Did Not Like I did not like how some of the girls in the class were not paying attention. It made me feel like we made the presentation boring. Also, the poster should have been arranged in a way to catch the girl’s attention.

What Worked : 

What Worked The PowerPoint was very effective in the presentation. The images we had displayed on the PowerPoint were very clear and worked well with our topic. Also, the content about eating disorders was very informative for the young girls to learn more about the effects the disorders can have.

What Did Not Work : 

What Did Not Work The poster was not very effective for the overall presentation, because it did was not as clear as it could have been. There needed to be more pictures, and the information was not as informative as the information in the PowerPoint.

What I Would Do the Same : 

What I Would Do the Same I would love to go to another high school and inform more girls about the issues and pressure the media is putting on young girls today. Also, I would work with the same people. Everyone got a long very well, which made the presentation go smoothly.

What I Would Do Differently : 

What I Would Do Differently If I got the chance to do this again, I would work harder on the presentation by improving the poster. Also, I would research more to give the girls more statistics and interesting facts. I would like to make the presentation more fun by including a game of some sort to go along with the presentation.

Was It Successful? : 

Was It Successful? I believe the activism project was a success, because everyone in the group participated in the presentation equally. Also, I believe the overall presentation successfully informed the girls that a “beautiful” body is not what the media portrays it to be.

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