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Team Andrews : 

Team Andrews Adriana Galue, David Vorlage, Pamela Wesson, Cooper Williams

Performance Recap : 

Performance Recap Financial: TBD Stated Strategy: Broad Differentiation Segment Ownership INSERT GOOGLE DOC Maintain Ideal position to capture market share (Galue) Strategy Evolution: From Rehearsal Demise to understanding Capsim From generalist to specialist (Galue)

Successes : 

Successes Successes: Segment ownership Having a solid understanding of segment ideal positions and their impact on the game prior to beginning round 1 INSERT DAVES IDEAL POSITION CHART Helped forecast R&D decisions so that competition was irrelevant Tight control of cash conversion cycle by keeping low inventory levels (Galue)

Challenges : 

Challenges Challenges: Go back to rehearsal Segment drift Capacity Management In Low End- Capacity issues related to price Justifying the unprofitability of certain products (Galue) The Black hole that is Capsim

Capstone Specific Takeaways : 

Capstone Specific Takeaways Changes? Have a better understanding of capacity Have a better understanding of revision date and its impact on market share (Galue) On High tech-Introduce our product closer to ideal position

Strategy Takeaways : 

Strategy Takeaways Course Specific Competitive Environment Comp. Advantage Early heavy investment in NPD to capture market share Always offer the best product based on consumer surveys Invest heavily in marketing at early stages Comp. Dynamics: Blue Ocean, Game Theory Managing Growth: Internal vs. Open Innovation Managing Growth: Corporate Scope Decisions-** Managing Growth: Alliances and Joint Ventures Strategy Execution: Ikea ** Corporate Governance

Real Word Takeaways : 

Real Word Takeaways High Tech: Ex. Cell phone evolution and segment drift INSERT PHOTOS

Questions? : 

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