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Alan Jacobs Authorised Marriage Celebrant Seven Blessings – Ceremonies for You


WELCOME TO YOUR WEDDING Together Alan Jacobs and Seven Blessings – Ceremonies for You will work with you to create your unique wedding

We will celebrate with you : 

We will celebrate with you

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We will meet as often as necessary(Your place and ours)

We’ll comply with all legal requirements : 

We’ll comply with all legal requirements

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We will write the ceremony for your comments

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You can have a small intimate ceremony ...

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.... or a larger more formal one

You can include rituals from your culture

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We can write a fun wedding .....

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..... or something more serious

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It will be memorable and colourful ....

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..... or very elegant

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We deal with the unexpected ....

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.... whatever the weather

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In Melbourne ....

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..... or elsewhere

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Children can play a part in the ceremony

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Friends and family members can take part

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We can refer you to other providers

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We’ ll attend a rehearsal .....

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.... and we’ll arrive at the wedding in plenty of time

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Alan Jacobs offers Value for Money One all-inclusive price gives you: As many meetings as necessary at your place or mine Advice on legal procedures and compliance with legal requirements Interviewing you to obtain your story Suggestions and recommendations on ceremony inclusions Writing your unique ceremony for your review Rehearsal Working with your other providers My early arrival on the day of your wedding ........ And much more ........ Note: Our price does not include writing letters for immigration purposes

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THE FINAL RESULT Your Happy Day ......

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..... with your family and friends

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Seven Blessings Ceremonies for You Contact Information 11 Corella Street, Doncaster, Vic 3108 (03) 9840 6445 0403 856 999 Alan Jacobs Authorised Marriage Celebrant

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MANY CEREMONIES The following ceremonies can be designed and conducted for you by SEVEN BLESSINGS – CEREMONIES FOR YOU.  You are invited to discuss others with us. SEVEN BLESSINGS Your dreams can come true if you entrust yourself to our high quality care for your needs At SEVEN BLESSINGS we design ceremonies to meet the needs and aspirations of you and your family. Our aim is to ensure that your day is filled with special significance and special memory. We will meet and listen to you, and then guide and prepare you for the steps necessary to achieve your desired result. We will give personal attention to whatever you may wish to include in your ceremony and will help you with suggestions to ease you along the way, also guiding you through the legal steps required to solemnize a marriage. Our ceremonies are conducted according to your wishes. Dignity and grace are our watchwords, but this does not exclude a sense of fun if that is your preference. Please call and talk to us so that together we can design the ceremony your heart desires. You can come to us or we can come to you. Our objective is to design personal CEREMONIES FOR YOU Marriage We will conduct your wedding with dignity and decorum according to your beliefs and requirements Baby Welcomes Announce your new baby to your family and community with love Rites of Passage For a member of your family who wishes to take part in a ceremony recognising a particular stage of their life or career Funerals and Memorial Services Your loved ones will be remembered with affection and solemnity Renewal of Vows Do you wish to re-dedicate or re-confirm your life-long partnership? Personal Choice Ceremonies Please ask us to design a ceremony which will be appropriate for you or your family Biographies We can write a life story which will be valuable as an archival record for future generations. Its completion or publication offers the ideal opportunity for a family ceremony Landmarks of your Life Have you or other family members reached a transitional stage of life, the meaning of which you wish to share with others? Perhaps you can combine this with launching the written life story .

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© The material contained in this total presentation is the intellectual property of Seven Blessings – Ceremonies for You and Alan Jacobs, Authorised Marriage Celebrant and is not to be reproduced in any form without our written authorisation.

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