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Final English Project

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Personal Information

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Grecia Melgar

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Lusmeyris Díaz

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Unit 7 Change Unit 9 The Mind

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Travel in time…How was Venezuela in the 80’s?? And recent changes Germinating: classic homework’s from the 80’s Germinating is considered as one of the classic homework’s of school. It is the typical science experiment that could show us how plants grew up. Now a lot of homeworks are done in a computer using internet. Unit 7-9 Grecia Melgar

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Billetes del Mundo: sticker album This is one of the most remembered sticker album from the 80’s… it has 256 stickers and it was a recompilation of all the bills from different countries around the world Now sticker albums are not too used by children because they preferred videogames Unit 7-9 Grecia Melgar

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Lindo pulgoso was a cartoon by Hanna Barbera produced in 1965 but it was transmitted in Latin-American countries since 70’s … this cartoon told us adventures of this dog and it’s owner sweet grandmother… Unit 7-9 Grecia Melgar

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In the 80’s people didn’t use iPods or mp3’s the used cassettes they were big and square also they used vinyls also now they’re only used by DJ’s… Unit 7-9 Grecia Melgar

Unit 8-Heroes : 

Unit 8-Heroes Heroes from Venezuela - Carlos González

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Carlos Gonzalez


UNIT 12-MOVIES Movies made in Venezuela- Carlos Gonzalez

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Carlos Gonzalez

Unit 10 and 11 : 

Unit 10 and 11 Your health and Talents

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Unit 10- Your health. Dengue fever: one of the most common disease in Venezuela Lusmeyris Díaz

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Unit 11- That`s amazing (Talents) Lusmeyris Díaz

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