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República Bolivariana de Venezuela Ministerio Popular para la Educación Superior Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin Facultad de Humanidades y Educación Escuela de Comunicación Social Ingles IV Doris Molero Sección S-411 My Final Project Astrid Mieles 20.280.051

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My name is Astrid Mieles, i am 19 years old and i was born in Maracaibo and lived in sabaneta for two years, before moving to el pinar, when in sabaneta, we lived a rented aparment but now we have our own apartment Unit 7 -> Change About me…

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Unit 8 -> Heroes When i was a kid, i used to admire the little marmaid, she was my hero.

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Unit 9 -> Memories She still represents good memories from old good days

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Unit 10 -> Health Problem When i was 18 years old,i had pneumony, and i spent one month in the hospital.

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Unit 11 -> Talent I am a very talented girl, i like cook, photography as well as dancing.

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Unit 12 -> Movies My favorite movies are the scary and comedy

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I learned a lot with Professor Doris Molero I really liked his way of explaining the dynamics of evalution for not doing so tedious matter'm not very good for the English but I learned many things Reflection

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Thank you very much professor Doris

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