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CPR for Adults : 

CPR for Adults By Brittany Floyd

CPR : 

CPR CardioPulmonary Resuscitation Used to revitalize cardiovascular and respiratory functions

Steps : 

Steps Check status of victim/ alert victim Call for HELP !!!!!!!

Steps : 

Steps Position victim on his/her back Remove all clothing covering victims chest

Chest Compression Steps : 

Chest Compression Steps Place heel of one hand on victims bare chest between the nipples Put heel of other hand on top of the first hand Straighten arms and position shoulders over hands

Chest Compression Steps : 

Chest Compression Steps Push hard and fast 1 ½ to 2 inches Allow chest to re – expand fully 100 compression per minute

Mouth to Mouth : 

Place hand on victims forehand and use palm to tilt head back Lift jaw to bring chin forward Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth : 

Mouth to Mouth Pinch nose Seal lips around victims mouth Give 2 breaths Watch for chest to rise.

Vitals Check : 

Vitals Check After breaths check carotid pulse Also check for presence of breathing If pulse is present give rescue breaths every 6 seconds If pulse is NOT present continue CPR

Putting It All Together : 

Putting It All Together Assess victim Check airway and pulse Perform 5 cycles of CPR 30 compression to 2 breaths Re- assess the victim

Slide 11: 

Remember CPR CAN save Lives !!!!!!

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