Solving A Problem

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Our school has got a problem!

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Our School hall is used for lots of different activities………

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There are some days when more than one class needs to use it for a lesson

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What happens when it rains?

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We need a solution… What do you think should happen? ?

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The teachers and governors think that it would be a good idea to build a sports hall

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There are lots of questions to be answered What could go in it? How big will it be?

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Where could it be built?

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How can you make sure that any one who is disabled could get easy access to the building? What changes would need to be made in other parts of the school?

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Your task In groups of 3 you are going to walk around the school site identifying potential sites for a sports hall as well as identifying areas which would be unsuitable. Think about all of the questions you have been asked so far More for you to think about………….. How will you get access to the sports hall during the school day from other parts of the school? Is the sports going to be available for use by the community at the weekend ? Would you need extra car parking? Should it be located close to other buildings or further away? Make written notes and annotate your plan of the school Take pictures using the digital camera of potential sites Do not disturb other classes!!

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Your report to the governors Use formal language. Use subheadings for each section Identify the members of your group Describe the problem What should be done to solve the problem? What would you put in your sports hall? Facilities/dance studio/climbing wall/dimensions/changing rooms/toilets/classroom/teacher’s staffroom? You could draw a plan Which sites would be unsuitable? Identify them on your map and give reasons for your decision Which site would you think is the most suitable? Mark the location on your map and give reasons for your choice.? Access/Community Use? What changes would need to be made to the school site? Add photographic evidence if possible

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