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LIFE SCHOOL 2009-2010 making memories

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Our school year starts in the fall and we are all happy to get back to learning. Each of us have goals to reach and we work hard to accomplish them with support. We welcomed new students this year and look forward to a great year!

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Bowling in September We went on a trip to the bowling alley in September. Everyone had a good time. We talked about bowling etiquette which included taking turns, good sportsmanship and being an active participant.

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Let's Celebrate with OH! 1 year party Playing games! Dancing!

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The DT program made pumpkins to put on the courthouse lawn. How cute! Laura Katie Marc

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We had a visit from a cat! We enjoyed a visit from two cats. Marc and Emily got to hold them. It was a nice surprise.

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Thanksgiving lunch We made a full turkey dinner for the support staff and ourselves. It was a fun time with everyone together. We wrote down what we were thankful for and passed them around the table to share. Yum, yum......

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We decorated door hangers at school and took them to the residents at Grand Victorian in December. You can tell we all enjoyed celebrating the season with others! Merry Christmas From Life School Jasmine Heather & Emily Working hard on decorating!

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Winter snowman ho, ho, ho! The DT room at Life School did not want to get the winter blues, so they made a life size snowman for all to enjoy!

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Keep on dancing Dance class continues to be a big hit! Some of the young adults dance on Tuesday and Thursday. We encourage them to be fit and have fun.

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Yoga Arts and Crafts volunteering music time DT room works on.... Domestic Skills

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Good bye, good luck to Rachell! February 8th, 2010 Fun!!

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Competitively Employed Some of the young adults in our program have competitive jobs. We work on filling out applications, how to keep a job, budgeting, banking, and much more. Heather works at the YMCA Emily works at administration

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Volunteer Training The young adults volunteer at the food pantry, Christ Community Church, YMCA, Sycamore School District Distribution Center and Tails Humane Society. Not only do they help others, but they learn skills to help them find a competitive job in some cases. We want them to know the importance of giving back to others!

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Special Olympics Emily Marc basketball Some of the young adults in Life School are involved in Special Olympics throughout the year. What a great way to meet others, keep fit and win MEDALS!!! volleyball Ashley basketball

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Thank you for your support! Heather Ashley Marc Jasmine Katie Earl Laura Larry Rachell Emily

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