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I'd love this powerpoint if you'd mine to email it to me. Having trouble getting it to download. Please email to virginia.cook@knoxschools.org. Thanks, Ginger

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Point of View : 

Point of View The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs : 

You have 3 minutes to write as much as you can remember about the story of The Three Little Pigs… The Three Little Pigs

Slide 3: 

Now, let’s here the story a little differently… The TRUE Story of the Three Little Pigs By A. Wolf

Slide 4: 

The wolf decided to run ahead to Grandma’s house and lock her in the closet. I ran ahead to Grandma’s house and locked her in the closet.

First Person Point of View : 

The character (the wolf) speaks for himself. First Person Point of View Key Words to watch for… I, me, we, us

Third Person Point of View : 

A person who is not actually a part of the story tells the story Third Person Point of View Key words to watch for… he, she, they, them, it NARRATOR

Let's try a few more… : 

AFTER I read the story and ask for your vote Raise ONE finger for First Person point of view Raise THREE fingers for Third Person point of view Let's try a few more…

Slide 8: 

When you make an entry in your diary or journal, what person are you writing in? ~Dodecahedron Story Ball~ Side 10: Write a diary entry from a main character’s point of view about a significant event in the story.

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