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HR Processes – An Employee Life Cycle

Functions of Personnel Management : 

Functions of Personnel Management Managerial-planning, organising, motivating and controlling . Operative-procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and record, research and audit .

Managerial Functions- : 

Managerial Functions- Planning-developing personnel programme, specifying what & how operative functions are to be performed. Organizing- grouping personnel activities, assigning tasks to individuals, delegation of authority …

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Motivating- supervising, guiding towards improved performance Control-measuring performance and make the individuals aware about the performance measures correcting deviations and assuring accomplishment of plans

Operative Functions : 

Operative Functions Procurement-hiring of personnel-the right people ,in the right place at the right time. Determination of MP requirements , recruitment, selection and placement. Development-training & education, morale building, effective communication, promotion & transfer, suggestion systems…

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Compensation- remuneration, activities like job evaluation, wage system, monetary incentives .. Integration-reconciliation of individual & organizational interests, negotiations with labor unions, collective bargaining, facilitating change…

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Maintenance- health & safety, good working conditions Records, Research & Audit for present & future control

Procurement of personnel : 

Procurement of personnel Determination of kind or quality of personnel needed- -Job Analysis -Job Description -Job/man Specification Or -Role Analysis Technique Determination of quantity of personnel needed – Man-power Planning , and Recruitment ,selection & placement

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Man Power Planning Assessing Future Human Resource Needs Assessing Current Human Resources Developing a Program to Meet Needs

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Is the process of identifying and generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment to an organization. It not only satisfy a company’s needs, it’s an activity which influences the shape of the company’s future. Recruitment

Recruitment - Definition : 

Recruitment - Definition William F Glueck – set of activities an organization uses to attract job candidates possessing appropriate characteristics to help the organization reach its objectives. Byars & Rue –Involves seeking & attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.

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-The process starts with identification of job openings due to- -attrition; -promotion; -Internal transfer; -Company’s plan; -Reengineering of work place, etc.

Pre-requisites of a sound Recruitment Policy : 

Pre-requisites of a sound Recruitment Policy Conformity with its general policies- -flexible enough to meet the changing needs of an organization. -be designed so as to ensure employment opportunities on long term basis to achieve organizational -match the qualities of employees -Highlight the meeting of established job analysis

The Recruitment and Selection Process – Steps : 

The Recruitment and Selection Process – Steps Decide what positions you’ll have to fill through personnel planning and forecasting. Build a pool of candidates for these jobs by recruiting internal or external candidates. Have candidates complete application forms and perhaps undergo an initial screening interview. Use selection techniques like tests, background investigations, and physical exams to identify viable candidates. Decide who to make an offer to, by having the supervisor and perhaps others on the team interview the candidates.

The Recruitment and Selection Process : 

The Recruitment and Selection Process The recruitment and selection process is a series of hurdles aimed at selecting the best candidate for the job.

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Recruitment and Selection process contd…

Source of Recruitment depends upon- : 

Source of Recruitment depends upon- Nature and size of the company; Level of vacancies to be filled up; Number of vacancies to be filled up; Budget allocation; Time period to fill the vacancy. Management policy, Types of jobs involved,and Supply of labour relative to demand, and labour market.

Sources of recruitment : 

Sources of recruitment Internal thru job posting/HRIS (employees inventory) External

Internal Recruitment : 

Internal Recruitment Job posting Publicizing an open job to employees (often by literally posting it on bulletin boards) and listing its attributes. Examination of HR records for potential candidates

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Re-hiring former employees Advantages: They are known quantities. They know the firm and its culture. Disadvantages: They may have less-than positive attitudes. Rehiring may sent the wrong message to current employees about how to get ahead.

Internal Sources of Candidates: Hiring from Within : 

Internal Sources of Candidates: Hiring from Within

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Demerits of Internal Recruitment- Often leads to inbreeding, and discourages new blood from entering an organisation. Possibilities of internal sources “drying up”, and it may be difficult to find the requisite personnel from within an organisation. As promotion is based on seniority, the danger is that really capable hands may not be chosen. Failed applicants become discontented

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Usually, internal sources can be used effectively if the number of vacancies are not very large, adequate employee records are maintained, and employees have prepared themselves for promotions.

External Recruitment : 

It is limited primarily to entry-level jobs. Jobs above the entry level are usually filled with current employees through promotions. Promotional opportunities lead to reduced turnover, increased job satisfaction, and better job performance. External Recruitment

External Recruitment- : 

selecting the best candidates creating new organizational culture and management style lack loyalty and high turnover rate difficult to persuade local partner to accept this practice External Recruitment-

Sources of recruitment : 

Sources of recruitment Internal thru job posting/HRIS (employees inventory) Present employees Present Temp/ Casual Retrenched / Retired Dependents of diseased, disabled , retired and present employees External Educational & Training Institutes Pvt employment agencies /consultants Public employment exchanges , Professional Asso. Data banks Trade Unions

Types of External Recruitment : 

Types of External Recruitment Educational & Training Institutes- fresh work force, easily fit in the firm’s work culture . IBM sponsors leadership development workshops to partly position itself as a company that values leadership.

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