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Futuristic Technology : 

Futuristic Technology Only About Cars

What was the first car : 

What was the first car The first car was built by Guido da vigevano in 1335. A catholic priest Father Ferdinand Verbiest invented the steam engine. Thirteen Duryeas of the same design were produced in 1896, making it the first production car.

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1925 the end of history of car.

The Model ‘T’ Ford : 

The Model ‘T’ Ford Henry Ford set out to build a car which everyone could afford to buy. It was slow, ugly and difficult to drive, and was nick named the ‘Tin Lizzie’ by the American people.

The Model ‘T’ Ford : 

The Model ‘T’ Ford The attraction of the Model T Ford was that its price never increased. Costing $1200 in 1909, the price in 1928 was only $295. By 1929 Ford was producing more than one car per minute

Super sonic car : 

Super sonic car

Super sonic car : 

Super sonic car The fastest 1 in world Reaches up to 1000mph 4 July 2010

Solar powered racing car : 

Solar powered racing car

This shape is right for the lack of parking : 

This shape is right for the lack of parking

Alien car : 

Alien car This is very fast. It show more than 200kph. It does not make noise. It is also called silent car.

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This is a car with unique design. It had 4 seats. It will made by a company carbiolet.

Nissan Pivo 2 : 

Nissan Pivo 2

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It has stearlastic features. It will an electric power car. The craziest feature about this car is 360 degree rotation.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione : 

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

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This is very useful for fuel. It will an friendly environment car. Its engine will green.

Air flow : 

Air flow

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This car named as Air flow. Its like a jet plane. IT will made whole from glass. The main theme of car is to slide out.

Koenigsegg’s CCXR : 

Koenigsegg’s CCXR

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Making its debut at Geneva, the Koenigsegg’s CCXR could be the fastest car ever–and it runs on biofuel. The Swedish auto manufacturer says ethanol fuel has higher octane and better cooling power than regular gas which lets it boost the power up 25 percent over the CCX model to 1018 horsepower at 7200 rpm

Peraves Monotracer : 

Peraves Monotracer This will called the fastest motorcycle in the history.

The Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk : 

The Dodge Tomahawk 10 cylinders A bike with 8300cc 300miles per hour Four wheels and two lights

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Made in pakistan.

Chrysler 300C : 

Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C : 

Chrysler 300C Luxurious Car Cost enough money Ford escape hybrid.

SUV vehicles : 

SUV vehicles

Golf Auto mobile : 

Golf Auto mobile

Nicolas Sarkozy : 

Nicolas Sarkozy

national auto Peugeot 607 : 

national auto Peugeot 607 The president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy likes national auto Peugeot 607. He shows a true example of patriotism and faithfulness to his motherland.

Audi. : 


Russian lemon cars : 

Russian lemon cars

Range Rover. : 

Range Rover.

BMW7 series : 

BMW7 series

Bmw7 series : 

Bmw7 series Speed limit signs Emergency services Ability to connect with your home pc If u forgot to lock it helpline will lock it

Rinspeed sQuba : 

Rinspeed sQuba

Rinspeed sQuba : 

Rinspeed sQuba World first driving car in water Dive up to 10 m of depth Built by Swiss engineering company ESORSO

Rinspeed sQuba : 

Rinspeed sQuba See it, and you’ll be wonderfully surprised. Ride it, and you’ll be hooked. Own it, and you’ll never want to part with it:

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