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BRANDING Presented By- Ashwin Betharia Guided by- Hemant Babhulkar


BRANDING Branding is an important tool for marketers to create separate identity for a company’s product. “A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these that identifies the maker or seller of a product or services.” -Phillip Kotler

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Need for BRANDING To convey that you are established. To attract more clients. To increase your credibility. To be more memorable. To stand out in your field. To give clients a sense of stability.

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Benefits of Branding Memorability Loyalty. Familiarity. Premium price. Creation of Goodwill Lower marketing expenses. For consumers, less risk.

How to Create Brand : 

How to Create Brand Product Quality Product Features Guarantee / Warrantee Product Services 4 P’s of Marketing Various offers

How to Position Brand : 

How to Position Brand Product sale (Targeted Customer) High / low positioning Product price Product quality Advertisement Distribution channels Brand ambassador

Trust : 


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Top brands of the year 2008

Need to promote a product : 

Need to promote a product Right product Right quality Right quantity Right time Right market Right size

Strategies Adopted to promote a product in Indian market : 

Strategies Adopted to promote a product in Indian market Advertisement Free samples Sachet Stalls Pamphlets Demonstration

Buyers behavior : 

Buyers behavior Culture factors Social factor Personal factors Psychological factors

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