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What's the talent??? : 

What's the talent??? my talent is singing but I've lost a big part of my vocal education because I don't practice a lot.. Now I just sing to have fun.. or if a song likes me a lot.. To sing right you should have a melodic ear is not for everybody... I am not the best but I try my best...

What do you need to do it?? : 

What do you need to do it?? Well, if you are just going to sing to have fun or to enjoy a song you only need your voice and maybe some vocal lessons... but if you are going to sing professionally maybe you'll need some musicians or tracks and some microphones....

Why do you think you are good at that?? : 

Why do you think you are good at that?? I Know that I'm not tha greatest singer in the world but I considerer that I'm good because since I was a child I used to sing in somo chorus in my school and I used to be a solist... Now I just like to do it and my friends says that I do it very well.. So their opinion makes now if I'm good or not at that..

Demostrate you can do it : 

Demostrate you can do it

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