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Parts of the PCOS : 

Parts of the PCOS (3) Operator LCD Screen with Counter (4) Printer Compartment (5) Transmission Port (9) “RETURN” Button (8) “CAST” Button (6) Main Memory Card Slot (7) Back-up Memory Card Slot (2) Ballot Entry Slot (1) Security Key Receptacle The contact point for the Security Key A narrow paper tray in the front slot where ballots are inserted Used to interact with the application The opening or door located on top of the unit It uses an RJ45 transmission cable used for connecting the external modem/cellular device for results transmission Input in the front right hand side contains the primary removable memory card Input in the front left hand side contains the write protect backup removable memory card

Close-up View of the two compartments : 

Close-up View of the two compartments (1) Back-up Memory Card Slot | Secondary compartment for back-up memory card (2) Main Memory Card Slot | Primary compartment for storage of configured files 1 2

Parts of the PCOS : 

Parts of the PCOS 3 | AC Power Port 2 | Battery Power Port 1 | Ballot Box Slot Opposite of the Ballot Entry Slot at the back of the unit where valid ballots are ejected after passing through a feed mechanism This is where to connect the battery pack that will be used for backing up the power (12VDC) This is where to connect the power adapter of the PCOS machine (20VAC)

Other Components and Peripherals of PCOS : 

Other Components and Peripherals of PCOS REMOVABLE MEMORY CARD The PCOS machine uses a COMPACT FLASH removable memory card . This is where the application is stored and is used for backing up data, like election results and audit logs. THERMAL PAPER This is the paper that is used for printing election results and is installed inside the THERMAL PRINTER COMPARTMENT. SECURITY KEY The security key is a special device that is assigned to each PCOS machine

Power Supply : 

Power Supply AC adaptor that comes with the PCOS Machine which Uses 220 volts and an output of 20 volts AC.

Power Supply : 

Power Supply The Battery Pack of the PCOS Machine uses 12 volts DC

Transmission Device : 

Transmission Device Device that will be used for transmission of the results Option 1: PCOS Modem Option 2: BGAN* Antenna * - Broadband Global Area Network, is a global Satellite Internet Network with telephony using portable terminals

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