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By: Pranit786 (91 month(s) ago)

sahi hain

By: Pranit786 (91 month(s) ago)

sahi hain

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4004 It is 4 –bit microprocessor From intel corporation in 1971 Its having only 1000 transistirs

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8008 It is 8-bit microprocessor From Intel in 1972 This is not successful because Of their inherent limitations

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8080 It is 8-bit general purpose MP From Intel in 1974 It is not functionally complete

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8085 The first 8-bit functionally complete MP From Intel in 1977

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8085 houses a good an optimum Set of registers and Reasonable powerful ALU

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Limitations of 8085 Limited memory addressing capacity Slow speed of execution Limited scratchpad registers Non availability of complex instruction Set and addressing modes It does not support adequate pipelining And parallalsim

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8086 First 16-bit CPU from Intel It consists a set of 16 bit general Purpose registers It supports 16 bit ALU Its having rich instruction set Its having segmented memory scheme It supports pipelining and parallelism

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THE development of IBM-PC started in July 1980 After one year

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8088 The first machine based on Intel 8088 CPU in August 1981 BUTTTTTTTT

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It supports only 8-bit data bus with 1 or 2 floppy disk drives keyboard Monochrome monitor Os is early MS-DOS

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In March 1983 new version of IBM-PC called PC-XT with 1 Mb hard disk 1 double side density floppy disk drive Keyboard Monitor Synchronous communication adapter

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80186/80188 These are improved version of 8086/8088 These are having programmable peripheral devises integrated in same package Instruction set of 8086/8088 is Upward compatible to 80186/80188

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80286 It is 16-bit processor used as a The CPU in a multiuser or multitasking Microprocessor This CPU used in IBM PC /AT personal computer

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80386 This is first 32-bit CPU from Intel 80386 along with math compressor 80387 provided a high speed Environment

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80486 80486 was designed with an integrated Math compressor

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8086 IC

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