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Teachers Using Technology : 

Teachers Using Technology Tools that are: Creative, Versatile, Effective

Make Technology Work For You : 

Make Technology Work For You Instead of seeing students like this, Wouldn’t you rather see…

This? : 

This? Here’s how!

Tip #1: Blog! : 

Tip #1: Blog! Why blog in the classroom? Blogging is BIG!!

Fast Fact! : 

Fast Fact! By 2009, 1 in 20 Americans had created blogs, and…

Fast Fact! : 

Fast Fact! … 1 in 6 Americans are blog readers!

Student Blogging is: : 

Student Blogging is: Appealing to kids Interactive with others Flexible FUN!

Tip #2: Use Digital Audio! : 

Tip #2: Use Digital Audio!

Examples for Your Class! : 

Examples for Your Class! Audio Books Podcasts Text to Speech Software Digital Storytelling

Tip #3: Use Digital Imagery! : 

Tip #3: Use Digital Imagery! Engage your students! Endless possibilities!

Make a slide show! : 

Make a slide show! … about Parabolas!

Make a Digital Story! : 

Make a Digital Story! Modeling With Math By Marcia Hooper

Other Cool Tools : 

Other Cool Tools Make BEAUTIFUL word clouds at: Share screen captures and video online at: Make your own motivational posters at:

But, most IMPORTANTLY… : 




Presentation By: : 

Presentation By: Marcia Hooper, Mathematics Teacher

Photography Credits: : 

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Photography Credits: : 

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Thanks for watching! : 

Thanks for watching!

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