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BUSINESS PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH The manner in which we deliver our message during business presentations is important for the obvious reason that we must keep our audience interested in what we are saying. Cell +39 / 3333269901 -3314468631


ENGLISH PRESENTATION JPOSYSTEMS@FASTWEBMAIL.IT JPOSYSTEMS English language PRESENTATION coaching aims for improvement in some of the more pragmatic features of communication. Enunciating clearly Using the right level of enthusiasm Using tone of voice to communicate Friendliness to communicate Sincerity to communicate one's authority and seriousness  to express informality and an easygoing attitude Varying one's volume Making eye contact - facial expression Coming across with the right level of personableness and personality   Adding stress to key words for emphasis Using contrastive stress Adding stress, or volume, when introducing new information Using pauses and hesitations effectively Speaking at the right pace - not too fast and not too slow Varying the speed of one's speaking Signaling the start & end of a segment AND MUCH MORE EXAMPLE. HOW TO INTRODUCE INFORMATION

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How to introduce information JPOSYSTEMS@FASTWEBMAIL.IT Listen to 1-5. As you know, / we have a new customer database. So the purpose of today / is for you to start to become familiar with it. As I say, / the good news is ... Now, / up on the screen you can see ... In other words, / as well as giving the customer more of what they want ... Match the sentences in 1 to functions a-d. Repeating something you have already said: ____ Explaining a feature in a different way: ____ Giving information that is already common knowledge: ____ Explaining what is going to ____ Introducing a new item ____ Notice the stressed words in bold and the pauses (/) after the introductory phrases.

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JPOSYSTEMS@FASTWEBMAIL.IT Being an effective and strong communicator is also important for Meetings Presentations Speaking with clients Speaking with professional colleagues in everyday situations Conferencing Telephone MUCH MORE JPOSYSTEMS English language coaching aims for improvement in some of the more pragmatic features of communication by identifying the communication skill required Language function (that satisfies the required skill) communication skill required

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