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International Nurses Week Theme : 

International Nurses Week Theme Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Primary Health Care

Delivering Quality Care : 

Delivering Quality Care In 2008 we have more Medical technology Better qualified Nurses in the workforce Nurses with basic, post-basic, masters and PHD degrees in Nursing Registered Nurses have replaced the struggling apprenticeship students of the 1970’s Higher salaries And better facilities and conditions of employment

Delivering Quality Care : 

The Kai Tiaki Is bigger, glossier and comprehensive in its coverage of the many facets of Nursing. Its coverage of NZNO activities is vigorous, far reaching and fair to all Nursing sectors. Supports the Nursing Council standards for quality by objective reporting on Nurses censored for failing to meet the minimum standards for safe practice. Delivering Quality Care

Delivering Quality Care : 

Why then Is Heather Giles experience as a well qualified and very senior Nurse not an isolated incidence? Is the incidence of censoring, de-registration, litigation and quitting so prevalent? Do well qualified Nurses require so much mentoring, assessment and supervision? When Nurses are husbands, wives, parents, grand-parents and otherwise responsible citizens are they not capable of developing and managing their own professional competence with integrity? Delivering Quality Care

Delivering Quality Care : 

There is much talk about Independent Nurse practitioners but? Supporting, demanding and monitoring progress? Fragmentation, disconnection and yawning gaps? Managing, planning and intelligence, programming, competencies and reviews? Ethnicity, language facility and cultural awareness? BUT Delivering Quality Care

Delivering Quality Care : 

In the midst of all our sophisticated learning and packages Have we lost our direction our integrity, our spirit and our soul in Nursing? Have we made the person be he patient or person in the community become an injectable-drug-ingestor, lab-testing- result-generating-speciman or…? Have Nurses unwittingly thrown the baby out with the bath water? Delivering Quality Care

Slide 7: 

Does the principle of Self dominate the life of a Nurse: Self-preservation Self-esteem Self-rights Self-protection Self-indulgence Does the ‘spirit of Pampering’ deprive Nurses of stamina and moral rectitude? Delivering Quality Care

Slide 8: 

Delivering quality care Is the only way a Nurse can Truly serve a community of people like, And different from her or himself. Delivering Quality Care

Nurses Delivering Quality Care : 

Nurses Delivering Quality Care Is a pre-requisite to being able to genuinely and effectively ensure That Nurses do take The Lead in Primary Health Care

Slide 10: 

So What to do! In addition to all the highly intellectual Nursing-related activities that are currently taking place? Delivering Quality Care

Delivering Quality Care : 

QUALITY CONTROL IN NURSING Daniel, from age 17 knew the source of quality and how to sustain it. By age 27 his authority was to be unchallenged by those in authority Thus the impact of his life in a nation is an historical fact. God Is My Judge – God’s Guidance, Intervention and Power, in the Affairs of Men. Daniel’s prayer Daniel 2:20-23 Is Each Day Your Masterpiece? Delivering Quality Care

Quality : 

Quality Has a specific characteristic = good, bad, poor, indifferent. In Nursing we are concerned with good quality: GOOD Comes only from God, Nurses must, therefore, draw on the goodness of God if we are to: Have genuine good quality Patient Care, Nursing Education, Ward/Unit Management, Administration of Nursing Services and relevant, practical useful Research.

References : 

References The Good of God is Abundant Exodus 34:6 Great Psalm 31:19 Enduring Psalm 52:1 Satisfying Psalm 656:4 Universal Psalm 145:9 The Goodness of God is manifest or seen in Material blessings Mathew 5:45; Acts 14:17 Spiritual blessings Psalm 31:19 Forgiving Sin Psalm 86:5 Nurse’s attitude toward God’s Goodness Rejoicing Exodus 18:9 Remembering Psalm 145:7 Being satisfied with Jeremiah 35:14

The Heart : 

The Heart Is the savior of Nursing. The goodness of God flows through the hearts of Nurses who recognize and draw on all the graces of God. Only such Nurses will constantly have the victory in achieving quality control in Nursing through Christ Jesus. The quality that is wanted will be given. The quality that is given will be blessed, whether it be little or much. Quality Nursing flows from harmony of heart and head in action.

Quality Control : 

Quality Control CONTROL Is defined as: Supremacy; the first place; height or top spot; authority; management; Mastery; power; influence and effectiveness; a new high record. The Nurse is the only person qualified to determine, implement, assess and maintain quality control in Nursing. QUALITY CONTROL In Nursing will always be influenced by the degree of oppression in Nursing. “Create in me a clean heart O Lord and renew a right spirit within me”. A Complete Change of Heart and Values Gives Every Nurse the Power to Achieve

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Development in Nursing : 

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Development in Nursing NURSES ARE DEFINITELY GOD’S LEADERS 1. We are primarily responsible for the condition of Nursing. 2. We shape its character; give tone and direction to its life. 3. In every way much depends on the leaders in Nursing. 4. We shape the times and the institutions. 5. Nursing makes, or is made by, its leaders. Whether it makes them or is made by them, it will be what its leaders are. 6. Strong spiritual leaders, Nurses of ‘holy might’, at the lead are tokens of God’s favour. 7. Disaster and weakness follow feeble or worldly/secular Nurse Leaders.

Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 2:20-23 is well worth considering in Nursing. : 

Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 2:20-23 is well worth considering in Nursing. OPPRESSION IN NURSING COMES FROM: 1. Within The Nurse due to insecurity, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, subconsciously despising the nature of Nursing, and very significantly By not recognizing God’s call into Nursing. 2. Within The Profession of Nursing arising from the collective accumulation of the above which results in professional jealousy, slander, gossip, victimization, aggression, status superiority – professional and social/caste factors. BECAUSE the Sovereignty of God is not recognized in the total process of Nursing and Christ is not pre-eminent in Nursing.


OPPRESSION IN NURSING cont 3. From Outside Pressures - Hospital Administration, the Medical Profession, Social and Cultural practices. Because Nurses are not: Drawing on the intervening power of God in every situation. Claiming the Mind of Christ and letting it dwell richly in them. Experiencing Christ’s Resurrection Power. United in effective fervent prayer


QUALITY ASSURANCE IN NURSING How Can We Have The Assurance of Consistently Good Quality Nursing? ASSURANCE Is a guarantee, a realistic hope, a commitment, a promise, certainty, confidence, an act of ensuring safety, reliability. Results from making sure; and from convincing evidence. Brings quietness and confidence to the Nurse, Patient and his family, the Health Team and Society at large. (The Hymns “It’s not by might” “On Christ the Solid Rock” lead us to new dimensions of assurance) QUALITY ASSURANCE is the key factor in determining the true status of Nursing, and the esteem with which Nurses are held in every Nation of the World.

Quality Control : 

Quality Control Leads to, and at the same time, is integral to Quality Assurance. Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Nursing are like the Rupee or Dollar Note or Coin – the markings on both sides differ, yet without both sides of the note or coin complete and legible there is no value, be it a Rs.1/- or Rs.1000/- How can we Achieve both Quality Control and Quality Assurance? EVERY VALUE Implies measurement In Nursing, Measurement of every value requires both objective and subjective measurement. The objective measurement is the Technical detail of a skill in Nursing. The subjective measurement is the unction that is generally defined as the - ART of Nursing - Heart of Nursing. OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENT = Technical measurement that can be done by simple arithmetic. It deals with specifics in relation to the Patient, Technology, Critical Care and Nursing Management as well as learning the correct use and management of every type of equipment by using ‘Guiding Principles with Common-sense.’ (refer - Technology Module)


SUBJECTIVE MEASUREMENT Is a Specific God Given Gift It is that intrinsic, inner conviction, unquestionable and unchallengeable, irreducible and qualitative: It comes from a depth of sensitivity that arises from critical thinking, feeling and alertness to what is not obvious (this may be due to lack of experience, but not necessarily so.) It requires courage to expose your own subjective assessment and wisdom to encourage staff to do likewise. The Nurse must pray and the Nurse must be prayed for. THE UNCTION IN NURSING is the result of the Holy Spirit quickening our every thought process, our eyes, ears, hands, tongues and lips, as well as our attitudes and behaviors It will take all the praying each Nurse can do, and all the praying she can get, to meet the tremendous responsibility and to gain the largest, truest success in controlling and assuring quality Nursing be it in patient/client care in hospital or community, the College or School of Nursing, Management of the Ward or Unit, or Administration of Nursing Services. Quality Control and Quality Assurance entrusted to Nurses, can be bound together with very practical and tried cords of Love.


VALUES “Earnestly desire the best gifts and yet see if I will not show you a more excellent way” 1 Corinthians 12:31 The only values that will result in Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Nursing are those that arise from every Measure being passed through the filter VALUES of Scripture by Nurses who let the Mind of Christ dwell in them richly to fulfill the Greatest and the New Commandment in meeting the requirements of our Great Commission in and through Nursing. With these thoughts in mind we are now ready to look at generating criteria for performance statements. References: ICN Code of Nursing Ethics. The Christian in Nursing by Chan Kum Sum pp.37


ACCOUNTABILITY AND VALUES GO HAND IN HAND ACCOUNT and ABILITY mean being able to explain or justify what we do, why and how. ACCOUNTABILITY is action – being responsible or answerable for one’s own actions and accepting the consequences of one’s behavior. God will call each Nurse to account for his/her deeds. Just think – when God called Adam and Eve to account for their deed what happened? Adam blamed Eve = Cowardice Eve blamed the Serpent = Cowardice Now think again and recall the different types of cowardice that occurred in your ward, area of Nursing or hospital last week? What action did you take? Being accountable as a professional person – a Nurse - raises many questions: To whom and for what are we accountable? How are you daily equipping yourself for your responsibilities?

Justice in Nursing : 

Justice in Nursing Integral to Accountability in Nursing is Justice in Nursing How do we draw on God’s power to execute justice in every detail of our work? When and How do we let God execute justice through us? When and How do we rest and allow God to execute true justice and mercy? You and I are God’s representative in Nursing – Christ came that ‘None should be lost but that all should have life and life abundantly’ John 10.10 If we are genuinely concerned with quality control and quality assurance in Nursing these words will eat into us and we will be earnest and committed to keeping our testimony in every detail clean before God and man; We will be faithful in effective fervent prayer for every single Nurse and the whole group of Nurses in our area of Service as well as in our Nation and the Nations of the World. For genuine health care quality is an essential vital living process

The Source of Justice : 

The Source of Justice Mahatma Gandhi’s statement as found in class IV textbooks: “Everyone should read the Sermon on the Mount” – When did you last plead before the throne of grace for a deep understanding and application of this sermon in every aspect of your life and Nursing? The witness of Nurses through Quality Control and Assurance will be sufficient to influence Doctors, and other categories of staff as well as patients and their families, including our own families. Dr. Nambudripad’s life was transformed as he worked with a Ward Sister. The result an outstanding man of God who became an internationally acclaimed expert in his field of Medicine. A man who never hesitated to encourage Nurses to stand up and speak up for justice in Nursing and in Society. NO UNITY NO BLESSING


QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN NURSING Improvement implies changes in values and measurement for the betterment of the purpose of Nursing in caring for the patient/client and his family. Improvement involves Restoration The walls of our Jerusalem – Nursing - have broken down We must consider our ways and take measures to restore the walls. Have you noticed how often old houses are restored? The facade of sandstone, bricks or other materials look great as long as you don’t peep around the corner! Improvement requires Training. How did Nehemiah choose the people, men, women, and children – whole families – along with craftsmen, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem? How did he teach them what to do? What was the result? When did you last consider your ways in Teaching? How effective is your teaching? Sh. Sh. Did I hear a whisper “The students today…These new staff Nurses…?

Change! : 

Change! Improvement brings change, everyone wants change - BUT who likes change! Change requires effort; is uncomfortable because it exposes inadequacies in our systems and in us. It’s OK you need to change… BUT, please do not have the audacity or cheek to suggest I need to change! If we want results and to influence the older or the younger Nurse we have to ‘Consider our ways’? Before the Throne of Grace and learn how to draw on the power of God, who has called us to be holy as He is holy, failure to do so turns our introspective analysis into an insidious cementing of my/our Self-righteousness and Indignation at the impertinence and injustices projected against me/us. Justification of my/our need to do what we do, how we do it and why. Self-image as the perfect model of good Nursing and suffering! Paul’s Prayer Philippians 1: 9-11 Is worth considering: “That our love may abound still more and more in knowledge and discernment. That through increased discernment we will all discriminate between the ‘good’ and the ‘excellent’. That we will be sincere without offending because of the purity of intention in our relationship with God, “For the righteousness that Christ imparts will produce fruit in our lives.”


CHANGE > TURBULENCE > CREATIVITY Change brings turbulence Ephesians 6.10-16 “Put on the whole armor of God…Stand…Having Withstood…Stand Again…” Improvement leads to a new start - NOT -‘Throwing the baby out with the bath water!’ Creative objective thinking in organizing situational facts leads to fresh insights, regenerated hope and means and ends that, by being grounded in true justice and mercy, are worthy of the classification Quality Improvements.


QUALITY IMPROVEMENT Identifies organizational goals and the Nurse’s contribution to their achievement. Identifies professional Nursing networks and support systems. Practices Nursing in a manner that meets relevant codes and standards. Identifies evidence that contributes to an evaluation of the quality of Nursing practice and service delivery. Ensures that Nursing tasks are delegated to those who have the necessary skill, information and education to perform the task effectively. Takes responsibility for own actions and outcomes of Nursing care planned and delegated. Requires continuous active, creative, observation and response. How often do Nurses groan when presented with the above recommendations in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems in their clinical and administrative areas? Nurses must encourage oneself and each other with examples and promises that are based not on speculative philosophizing or mythology but on the reality or life in this world:

The Unfailing Fountain : 

The Unfailing Fountain Can we thank God as Nehemiah did? “You also gave your good spirit to instruct us. And did not withhold Your manna from our mouth” God’s promise in Isaiah 58 :11-12 “The LORD will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. Those from among you shall build the old waste places, You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. And you shall be called the repairer of the breach.”


VALUES GAINED VALUES GAINED through sharing and praying through experiences: Sharing real experiences can help unite us in the battle against the forces that would undermine and destroy quality Nursing and encourage us to become more persistent in the pursuit of truth, integrity and genuine tender loving care. Using this paper as a basis the following problem was worked through in one of our workshop – Year AD2002: Outcome In one Municipal Corporation Hospital Problem: Initial request by Medical Superintendent becoming a persistent demand that Nurses sign for Drugs they had neither handled nor given. RESOLUTION = MEANS = TRUTH >ENDS =TRUTH The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) was firm No Nurse would sign unless she had actually checked and given the drug. The (MS) Medical Superintendent’s request became a repeated demand, with the (C.Ph.) Chief Pharmacist joining the MS in his tirade. The workshop group discussed this commonly recurring problem in hospitals and Health Centers in India with suggestions. All the Nurses maintained firmness on the CNO’s decision that was based on truth.

Values Challenged : 

Values Challenged Back in MCDH the CNO reminded the Nurses of their Pledge and responsibility for quality control in Nursing; while encouraging them to be strong, she prayed with them for wisdom, patience and perseverance and encouraged them to pray. MS was adamant, continuing to make repeated demands. Later the C.Ph’s wife a Nurse in the same institution, made a special request to the CNO to continue praying for her and also to pray for her husband. An invidious position for any wife in any country and very much so in India. MS returned “Nurses do many wrong things, you have to sign”. CNO response “Yes! we know we do many wrong things, but when we set out to do something we know is wrong we have no defense”. Two days later blazed across the top of the front page of the Hindustan Times 3 of 5 MCD Hospitals had been caught for major drug irregularities. This MCD Hospital was saved by Nurses honoring their Pledge; praying; and by having the courage to stand firm for truth in and for quality patient care. Needless to say the CNO still faces constant harassment from the MS. and C.Ph. whose strategy is to destroy Nursing solidarity for truth and Nursing morality in practice.

The cost of integrity : 

The cost of integrity The cost of integrity is high but the cost of failed integrity is death by the Law. At the time of editing the C .Ph. has just been removed from an ICU following an accident causing massive brain stem damage. His wife now has a different burden, another ‘child’ in the form of her grossly traumatized husband to care for along with her family and Nursing responsibilities. Our prayer is that she will find her real strength as expressed in the first Nugget Of Gold on out Website “A Solitary Way”. Daniel’s prayer 2:20-23 will help us bring quality and maturity into our prayers in the midst of demeaning soul destroying situations.

Hope that sustains and endures : 

Hope that sustains and endures Quality control only leads to sustained Quality Assurance when Quality Improvement is a continuous selective process that is directed to and by ongoing Quality Control. The goodness of God flowing through the heart of each Nurse allows the power of the grace of God to intervene for the good of all in the practical reality of Nursing

Realizing the Will of God : 

Realizing the Will of God Nurses Leading Primary Health Care Will Serve Communities With integrity and compassion

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