3G Technology

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3G Technology : 

3G Technology 3 G network is one of the leading technologies in today’s wireless technology. This service is available with any wireless phones. Verizon is the first one to use this. It was first implemented on CDMA phones .now this service is coming soon with GSM. If we describe 3g is nothing but fast stream and high bandwidth.

3G Technology : 

3G Technology Basic Structure how 3G works.

3G Technology : 

3G Technology With 3G you can do everything you do now, but you can do it much better, a lot faster and from almost anywhere! Some of the main advantages are that 3G allows for higher call volumes and supports multimedia data applications such as video, email, SMS, games etc.

3G Technology : 

3G Technology UMTS™ (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) is a Third Generation (3G) Mobile System being developed by ETSI™ within the ITU’s IMT-2000 framework. It will provide data speeds of up to 2 Mbps, making portable videophones a reality.

Future of 3G Technology : 

Future of 3G Technology A great deal of potential exists for new applications in the future as 3G packet based networks will allow users to be on line all the time. The capabilities of wireless networks in terms of bandwidth must still, however, be improved upon .

Conclusion : 

Conclusion 3G is an exciting new technology that is being incorporated into mobile devices across the globe. Users are now able to make person-to-person calls, download data and do a variety of other tasks they never imagined possible all via their 3G cell phones.

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