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Technology By Brian D.

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About Me I was born in United States,FL. I like to play guitar and watch movies. And most of all I like to hang out with my friends.

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Definitions Technology System Communication Technology Blog

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Technology The practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy humans needs and wants.

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System An organized way of achieving a goal.

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Communications Technology The process used to exchange information.

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Blog A website that consists of regular posts that readers can respond to through comments.(Short for website)

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System Blog The system Mr. Goldstein created to learn each others names kind of worked but we had some problems. There were some benefits but in the end only a couple of people knew everyone’s name. Most people kind of confused at what to do more or less. But knowing everyone would help if we had to get up and talk its easier in front of your friends than in front of strangers. It could have been improved by each person going up and saying their name, but overall the system was kind of a success.

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Haiti Recently Haiti experienced a 7.0 earthquake, devastating buildings, homes, anything that once stood before. Hopefully the United States is doing everything they can to help.

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Martin Luther King Day is held in honor of what he played in the revolt against racism towards blacks.

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