Sustainability on Rowan Campus

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Sustainability on Rowan Campus : 

Sustainability on Rowan Campus

How can we make Savitz Hall more energy efficient? : 

How can we make Savitz Hall more energy efficient?

Low-Budget changes : 

Low-Budget changes We can use task lighting which means instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where light is needed to directly illuminate work areas. Unplug equipment that drains energy when not in use (i.e. fans, desktop printers, etc.). Employees can turn off photocopier at night or we can purchase a new copier with low standby feature. Buying printers and fax machines with power management feature is a good energy saving idea.

Low-budget changes (contd.) : 

Low-budget changes (contd.) Heating and cooling in offices and classrooms buildings can be adjusted based on occupancy Low-flow fixtures can be installed in the restrooms Verifying the energy management system (EMS) switches into setback mode during unoccupied hours can be helpful. We can hire a third party to install sensors on the beverage vending machines in Savitz. The sensors will put the vending machines in sleep mode when not in use, which will save a lot of energy.

Lighting in Savitz : 

Lighting in Savitz Using dimmers, motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use can reduce energy use and costs. Motion sensor and Occupancy sensor Outdoor lights that are left on all night unnecessary waste energy. Motion detectors are ideal for this situation.

LIGHTING in savitzcompact fluorescent lights : 

LIGHTING in savitzcompact fluorescent lights Replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be an eco-friendly move. This can save about 50 percent on lighting costs. CFLs use only one-fourth the energy and last up to 10 times longer.

High cost measures : 

High cost measures We can hire a qualified company to conduct an energy audit of Savitz Hall. We can install awnings, tinted window film, and green cover (trees, vines) to reduce a building's heat gain. We can replace old heating units and water heaters with high-efficiency systems. Tinted Windows

High cost measures Solar Energy : 

High cost measures Solar Energy Photovoltaic (PV) system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for the building. And they're becoming more affordable all the time. This can be considered as a good green option.

High cost measuresInsulation : 

High cost measuresInsulation A good insulating system includes a combination of products and construction techniques that protects the building from outside hot or cold temperatures, air leaks, and control moisture. We can reduce our heating and cooling expenses by investing in proper insulation and sealing air leaks.

Different kinds of Scheduling : 

Different kinds of Scheduling Holiday Scheduling – A calendar defines HVAC and lighting control for classrooms, theatres, lecture halls or labs for an entire calendar year, saving staff time implementing special schedules and ensuring holiday weekdays do not run in occupied mode. Zone Scheduling – Permits defined sections of a building to have HVAC and lighting reduced or shut down on a schedule. Zone scheduling means that a whole building does not need to run at a 100% comfort setting if on only a few occupants are in a given area.

quick videos : 

quick videos Johnson Controls' Ian Campbell on how the company improves buildings with its energy efficiency systems.

Quick videos : 

Quick videos

Further Reading : 

Further Reading If you would like, these are the sites you can reference these very useful cites different institutions around America and gives them rating based on their greenness. - Gives information and tips about how commercial buildings can be eco friendly. - Gives information about what energy saving ideas can be tax deductable

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